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We’ve printed money into a fractionally reserved ponzi scheme for decades.
CPI inflation is at 5% while wage growth came in at 4.18%.
Inflation is the most misrepresented financial topic of all time. It is purposely miscommunicated about by media and governments.
Texas Senate Bill 2334 is advocating for a Gold backed digital currency to replace the US dollar in the state of Texas.
The sovereign debt bubble is the greatest threat to US national security, not the crypto currency market.
As 2023 moves further out, more banks will fail. $389 Billion was withdrawn from banks, just in the month of March.
It is important to bifurcate the federal reserve note from the US dollar. The FRN is an instrument of debt.
Bitcoin hit $29,241 today as this banking collapse is ongoing. It is NOT over, more banks will fail.
Fox News and CNN had reports of the BRICS reserve currency being used to take over for the failing US Dollar. If or when Saudi Arabia trades Oil for Yuan, it is over for the USD.
De-dollarization and internationalization of the Yuan. Putin heralds the death of the petrodollar and the birth of the petroyuan.
Operation chokepoint was engaged about a week ago, give or take. The following Bitcoin banks were shut down by the Fed and taken over.
The entire banking system has been nationalized by the Biden regime and is now held together by duck tape.
The American people will not wait 20 years for politicians to expunge all available resources to keep the monetary system afloat.
There have been multi $Billion bank runs on Silvergate Bank and Silicon Valley Bank. Silicone Valley was FDIC insured.
Triffin’s Dilemma is named after Robert Triffin, an economist who discussed (1960), the international monetary system’s problem with USD hedgemony.
There is so much variability going on right now, it is hard to predict how this will end.
Charles Ponzi was a 1920’s con artist who promised 50% returns in 90 days! Sound familiar, talking to you Crypto moon boyz!
The creation of Bitcoin is unique. That is what we will focus on today. Bitcoin’s creation.
The merger of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and policing, that is the epitome of what CBDC (central bank digital currency) is!
By year end 2022, the trade deficit was $948 billion. Highest in US history.
The tax cuts from pre 2021 have expired. The stimulus money from Covid 19 has been spent and is not being replaced anymore.
Bank runs have happened in Cyprus, Russia, The Czech Republic, Argentina, Ireland, Venezuala, China, Lebanon, Nigeria, UK, and possibly the US in 2023.
There is now $416.5 Billion in Bitcoin sitting away from exchanges, and $29.2 Billioin on exchanges.
”Money is becoming traceable, programmable, and manipulatable, which can pose many dilemmas and dangers in society.”
Bitcoin Magazine: Panama bill legalizing Bitcoin as legal payment goes to Supreme Court, the final step before being enacted into law.
The fact that China is re-opening after 20 months + of covid restrictions is strengthening Oil demand.
What will it take for humanity to wake up to the fact that CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is coming right at us like a freight train.
“Bitcoin is a solution, in search of a problem” Stanley Drunkenmiller
The US debt ceiling has increased dramatically each decade, yet it has become much worse since 2010.
DOJ is announcing an enforcement action for international cryptocurrency today.
Billions in government bonds were bought up by the Bank of Japan, last week!
The US dollar is the global reserve currency. It is the largest currency in the world.
On this blog we have, for several weeks, said the only scarce assets that are in good shape right now (as investments) are Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.
So a few weeks after the FTX scam goes public, this comes out. We have warned for a year plus about the absolute evils of a CBDC.
Michael Burry has some credibility since he is an all time successful hedge fund manager.
The everything bubble is crashing. We have been saying this for a year and it is no less true now than New Years 2022!
How the US climbed to world dominance as an economy since the 1870’s and is now losing ground quickly, to China.
In spite of a year of rate hikes from the Federal Reserve. CPI inflation went from 1.4% to 9.1% and then back down to 7.1%.
Before Bitcoin can get back to a bull market the global macro environment needs time to shake out.
FTX had football stadiums named after it. It had Super Bowl commercials!
Xingping Xi (Chinese President) is traveling to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to meet with Mohammed Bin Salmon (Saudi Arabian Crown Prince) regarding this BRICS Reserve Currency which is rolling out.
The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) claims Foreign exchange (FX) swap positions have over $80 trillion of off balance sheet Derivative Debt
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