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Private central banks have brought slavery to mankind. They recreated glass beads in Great Britain and brought them to Africa.
Why do we keep saying the price of Bitcoin does not matter? The overall reason is that there are 7 Billion unbanked people in the world.
Bitcoin is up to 400 obituaries written in print since 2009 when Bitcoin started. Why is main stream media so quick to write off Bitcoin?
Due to continual money printing in many countries central banks, food inflation has surged out of control.
Yesterday, we discussed a probable reason why Elon Musk would have tweeted about Bitcoin’s high power usage, last month.
Ark Invest (Cathie Wood) and Tesla (Elon Musk) have teamed up on Tesla solar batteries used to run Bitcoin nodes.
Bitcoin environmental impact being a big concern on Bloomberg, while the military industrial complex spends $4.6Billion per year on fuel, is a bit hypocritical is it not?
Bitcoin will overcome all FUD, environmental, financial, or any other type.
Bitcoin is an asset that does more than just appreciate in price. Thus, buying it only for price appreciation falls very short.
The Weimer Republic printed currency to the point that it became absolutely worthless.
Notice the question is rhythmic, not volatile. By understanding why Bitcoin is rhythmic it explains the volatility as well.
Bitcoin got to $42K and this morning. It started dumping again to $37K. Obviously, a tug-a-war is going on.
Bitcoin had TWO $10K candles within 24 hours!
It means eventually, Bitcoin will reverse. Shorts will be liquidated. Apparently, Tesla was manipulating the market to buy cheaper this week.
Tesla tweets last week will be a tiny blip on the Bitcoin chart in the future. Hopefully, no Neutral ATM customers sold their Bitcoin.
Well it’s Monday. For Bitcoiners it’s been a crappy weekend. We still believe Elon is tweeting to dump the Bitcoin price, but not selling Tesla’s Bitcoin.
The newly launched ATMs are equipped with the latest software to make buying and selling bitcoin easy for users.
Neutral ATM launched two new ATM locations near the Sugar Land, TX area.
Bitcoin has already recovered to $49,560, it dumped under $46K earlier today.
Bitcoin is mining waste gas, stranded gas and flare gas. They use gas generators and heat exchangers to generate power from natural gas.
Sats or Satoshis are 1/100,000,000,000 of 1 Bitcoin. They are the penny of the Bitcoin standard.
To see everything going on right now and still have enthusiasm for Bitcoin, one has to cut out a lot of noise.
Everything is fuel. However, here is the thing. What is it fuel for? Stocks are held up by the central bank. Monetary policy is now quantitative easing which keeps interest rates low.
Rumors are flying about XRP and Dogecoin somehow replacing Bitcoin as the future money of choice, future global reserve currency.
Bitcoin is really showing signs of a rather incredible and earth shattering move to the upside.
If Bitcoin were a company it would rank as the #5 largest corporation in the world behind Alphabet, parent company of Google.
Bitcoin has been re-accumulating and trading sideways for 8 weeks now. Frustrating as it is, we must remember the stock to flow model.
The last two days we blogged about conviction and logic. We will try to expand on that today.
Yesterday, we discussed conviction in the blog. If you believe in a thesis, there must be a logic path to reach the conclusion.
We all have to believe in something. But when it comes to investing for the future. That is where it gets interesting.
On Sunday Bitcoin had dropped to $47K. Earlier this Monday morning, it broke $54,016.
Despite Bitcoin’s 7 week consolidation that everyone is talking about, including us. There are some signs of a turnaround.
Frustrating as it may be, Bitcoin has been stuck between $54K and $64K since early March.
Basically, money gives a person the ability to choose how they live, work, where they go.
From a statistical standpoint. America is anything but free! The Fed has printed over 23% of all currency in circulation over the last 12 months.
We wrote six blogs in February that one should not worry about the price of Bitcoin.
For every million new users of Bitcoin, the price rises $200.
Willie Woo is one of the best Bitcoin analysts in the Industry. Wiliam Clemente III deserves some honorable mention, Robert Breedlove, Preston Physh as well.
Buckminster Fuller predicted back then, 54 years ago, that money would be made of energy and backed by energy. Sound familiar?
2016-2017 bull run! Today or tomorrow the pi ratio will cross.
Bitcoin is bouncing above and below $60K through this last weekend. That is extremely bullish, so today, we will zoom out on Bitcoin’s price history
OK so its Friday and Bitcoin is being so boring! Today, we dive into global macroeconomics. This drives Bitcoin fomo anyway, right?
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