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A lot is going on at the present time regarding geopolitical and financial impacts for the 4th quarter 2021.
Bitcoin on chain analytics, are showing increased illiquid supply.
Bitcoin has a fixed supply, set at 21 million coins. We apologize for the typo on Friday saying 12 million coins.
85% of US junk bonds have negative real yields.
After the big banks shorted Bitcoin on El Salvador’s “Bitcoin Day”, the price action has fought with the 21 day exponential moving average (21 EMA).
After El Salvador had their September 7th “Bitcoin Day” and we saw Bitcoin dump over 11%.
To answer that question one has to step back and look at the big picture. The really big, long range picture.
Bitcoin is getting closer to the expected, anticipated parabolic leg up in this bull market cycle. However, we need to explore how rhythmic these bull runs are.
Bitcoin is in the mid bull run dulldrums between the two tops. We expect a double top bull run this year.
We get frustrated with main stream media about falsehoods and misinformation regarding a lot of things. This is true in Bitcoin too.
When Bitcoin is used as the denominator when comparing it to another asset it changes the story.
Coin Desk is now bigger than Charles Schwab.
We need to see Bitcoin stay above about $46.5K for the next 5 days in order to have the next two day candles close outside of the gaussian channel.
Afghanistan represents Bitcoin’s sovereignty, like El Salvador and other countries have in the past.
We wrote a lot about global macro economics this week. The central bank has to print to avoid catastrophic failure in the economy.
Palentir, Spinesmith Holdings, the Hedge Fund Goldentree, Time Magazine, and the Dutch Soccer Team are all adding Bitcoin to their balance sheet.
Bitcoin was in an ascending wedge and broke down last night for a few hours.
This video from Raoul Pal of Real Vision, and Global Macro Investor is worth watching.
Afghanistan fell to the Taliban today! What does that mean for the near future in terms of geopolitical unrest?
Yesterday we showed some commodities that had very high inflation. However, Lumber has now dropped in it’s inflation number since 4 to 8 weeks ago.
$11 trillion of USD has been printed since January 2020! Real inflation, we predicted Monday, will climb to over 20% in 2022.
We have to check in with the stock to flow model from time to time.
Jekyll Island is where the original secret meetings were held to discuss and later form, the first US central bank.
House prices are at all time highs yet demand for housing is crashing.
We don’t give enough credit to William Clemente on his glassnode graphs.
The news on Bitcoin is changing fast and furious. Each piece of news by itself is just noise.
Although yesterday and today’s pump came back down somewhat, from $40,577 to $37,324.
Nearly 20% of ARK Invest’s holdings are Crypto invested companies
Yesterday, was bad and today is good. It’s like a game of Tug-O-War, between bears and bulls.
Patience is required with the high volatility of Bitcoin investing.
Neutral ATM has launched a new report on inflation in relation to Bitcoin versus fiat currency.
There are many reasons to be short term bearish and mid term bullish, regarding the future of Bitcoin in 2021.
Bitcoin is struggling in the high $31K range. The media is having a field day with that and has been for a while.
Neutral ATM has another company that is working hard on bringing Bitcoin mining to the Oil and Gas Industry.
Bitcoin Hedges Inflation, But It Is Also The Flight To Safety Destination During A Deflationary Crash!
Bitcoin has always been a supply demand, store of value asset. It is hard money, not currency.
We admit this 3 month plus wait for Bitcoin to break out of the re-accumulation pattern it has been stuck in is getting really old
We keep telling readers to ignore, as much as possible, price action.
I spoke to someone yesterday who was mildly alarmed at recent price action of Bitcoin. Still interested in it though.
Inflation is not transitory. A $6trillion spending package is still being voted on and may come to pass.
Since China banned Bitcoin mining, and since the difficulty adjustment dropped - 28% on Friday, July 2nd.
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