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Bitcoin’s Freedom

Bitcoin dumped again and appears trapped in range, as we have discussed between $32K and $40K.  It was lower than that before.  While we wait for it to break out.  Thought we would discuss freedom as it relates to Bitcoin.  Price discussions are not always helpful.  This is why we say; ignore the price of Bitcoin.  It’s freedom is what gives it so much value.  How do we breakdown the freedom Bitcoin brings.  First of all it’s scarcity is freeing from the endless money printing for every fiat currency.  Yes it is worse in Iran, Lebanon, and Argentina than the US.  However, we can all agree there is obviously too much currency printing going on and that is world wide.  So Bitcoin scarcity frees up your buying power, if you hold it longterm.   The worse the inflation, the higher the value of that freedom! 
The decentralization of Bitcoin stops all control over Bitcoin and it’s investors.  This control could be high taxation, shutting down miners in one country, controlling outflows from an exchange in a particular country.  If that happens like we have seen in China.  With Bitcoin, you can just go to another country with your Bitcoin, perform a taxable event there.  In some cases, one would have to renounce citizenship but that is case by case.  Not always required.  In most cases it is not.  Since it is borderless, an El Salvadorean can take it to Panama and transact with it there same as in El Salvador.  It is borderless, unlike fiat currency.  There is no limit to how many, or how much is stored on each hardware wallet.  Custody and security of Bitcoin is up to the investor.  However, they are not limited by how much they can store on a hardware wallet, or how many they can carry from country to country.  ColdCard is emerging now, as the clear cut favorite Bitcoin wallet.  Use them for Bitcoin security.  Remittances in Bitcoin are extremely cheap thanks to Strike.  Getting paid in Bitcoin on Strike allows one to use the lightening network for instant payment in Bitcoin.  Payment could be from El Salvador to the UK.  Or anywhere.  
In summary, Bitcoin freedom is buoyed by:
  1. Scarcity
  2. Decentralization
  3. Borderless, Permissionless
  4. Security
If a Bitcoin miner is being shut down in China, they can pack up and move to the US.  If a New York Bitcoiner is being taxed for trying to sell some Bitcoin, he can go to another state and do the transaction there.  If, in these examples, the person in China or New York held only fiat currency, they would be stripped of some of these freedoms.  Scarcity is the biggest though, since without it, currency becomes devalued.  That is the freedom that likely led El Salvador to vote it as legal tender.  Now Paraguay, Panama, Guatemala, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Mexico are poised to follow suit, click here to read.
Monetary sovereignty is another word used in the above article.  Freedom is the end result of monetary sovereignty.  This may bring about war, and all kinds of push back.  All of that push back will be at the expense of freedom.  The world must ask itself.  Will it stay beholden to a handful of financial institutions run by a very small number of elites.  Or, on the other hand, will it adopt the Bitcoin standard.  This standard brings about choice, where to live, how much tax to pay, how you will be paid, where you will be paid.  Monetary sovereignty gives nationstates choices and gets them off the dole of more powerful entities set to control them easily:
This flood may be coming.  It could take a while, but when the dam breaks.  Monetary sovereignty, freedom, that will be the demand, the will of the people.  Who does’nt want to make choices and have there savings grow, when in the past it shrunk faster, and faster.  We want nations and citizens to live free.  Bring them Bitcoin.  Let them mine it.  Flare gas, stranded gas, power plant steam, volcano steam, wind energy, solar energy can all be used to mine Bitcoin.  Does that sound like a drag on environmental safety, environmental security?
We all want financial security, financial freedom, Financial equality.  Bitcoin brings this to the forefront.  It allows a nationstate to grasp this freedom, and it allows choice to it’s citizens.
The volatility of Bitcoin’s price will smooth out in the year that a core group of nationstates have adopted Bitcoin.  Until then, it will remain volatile and that must be embraced for the sake of choice, freedom, and sovereignty.  HODL means hold on for dear life.  In the below chart we can see how Bitcoin price was tamped down by resistance and now it is attempting to break out of that downward resistance.  There will be an impending breakout.  Perhaps that won’t come until more nationstates adopt the Bitcoin standard.  We can wait!  Below is the downward resistance that appears to have become support, in this chart:
The next chart show Bitcoin liquid supply ratio and the bullish divergence with price droping, while strong hands are accumulating.  Something has to give!  Here is that chart:
In closing, keep buying those dips.  Freedom usually wins out over oppression.  That is true in history.  It takes a long time.  This is a battle worth fighting for.  Use Neutral ATM to buy dips.  Use Strike for remittances, use Cold Card for secure storage, and hold on for dear life!
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