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It appears to us that Bitcoin is beginning to enter a rather parabolic phase and green daily candles may start to get bigger.
Now recall that the cycle top in 2013 was $1,100, in 2017 was $19,783, and in 2021, it stands to reason it will be 10X the 2017 top since that one was nearly 20X the 2013 top.
To truly understand this topic you have to take the LONG VIEW on Bitcoin. You cannot get caught up in any emotions.
This exercise will look further out into the future, 5 to 10 years, to demonstrate why Bitcoin’s price does not matter right now. We understand that is hard to do.
As Bitcoin hits the second half of this bull run soon, the parabola should steepen some.
What is money, really? It is a belief system that the money you save will grow in value. Thus, it is a store of value.
It appears that Bitcoin is ahead of schedule. We will show proof that it is ahead of schedule to some degree and examine why.
What does Tesla buying $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and putting it on their balance sheet mean, long term?
Bitcoin launched from the re-accumulation it has been in since January 6th. It could break $60K which we called for back in January.
Bitcoin saw a dip going back to January 6th when it hit the ATH of $41,983.
Yesterday I wrote there were 1,000 companies at Michael Saylors conference. Correction, it is 1,400.
The Cantillon effect is described as elite bankers, investors, entrepreneurs, and politicians who for whatever reason have access to printed fiat currency from a nation
Adoption curves take a long time, decades. Now that Elon Musk is getting on board with Bitcoin, and we will see how much he reveals and how fast he goes.
Elon Musk has added Bitcoin to his twitter bio and tweeted the above about Bitcoin Friday morning.
Bitcoin is NOW out of the descending triangle! It has confirmed the breakout, $38,710 is today’s high! Capital freakin W!
Bitcoin Dump? What dump, it printed a descending triangle for three weeks, and now a huge W, which is a signal that it is taking off again
At Neutral ATM we believe that the US dollar cannot stand up to the superiority of Bitcoin, and that it will be a part of the move to a digital dollar.
Bitcoin has been in a descending triangle but there is a ragid looking W or a double bottom printing just below $30K.
The Greyscale Bitcoin Trust Corp or GBTC, has been buying up more Bitcoin than the 900 Bitcoin per day mining supply for several months.
Volatility is in a low trough reminiscent of the 2012 and 2016 pre bull run time periods.
We know bitcoin is crashing some today, it broke down out of the long running symmetrical triangle, all is not lost!
Neutral ATM has received new information that gives us added positivity on Bitcoin price action.
The SPX is in a massive bearish divergence, we know the Fed supports the SPX with QE (quantitative easing and stimulus).
Bitcoin exchange volumes are dropping off drastically, because holders are moving bitcoin to hot and cold storage wallets so as to save it.
Bitcoin’s retracement is following the stock to flow model. This is from last week but this retracement is tiny compared to how far Bitcoin has come.
Just remember to value Bitcoin where it will be in a year or possibly more when this bull run is over
We have said repeatedly in our blogs, Bitcoin is humanitarian.
Money supply growth in the US has increased by $4 trillion in 2020. We expect an expansion of that M1 money supply number to be $5 - $7 trillion in 2021.
Today since it is still the new year, we will focus on the key performance indicators for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is so important for people to grasp.
This bitcoin run up may very well eclipse $33K. I am not able to foresee the run up stopping close to $30K.
This new stimulus package from the Senate has kicked off more corporate buy in to Bitcoin and they are using Bots to auto buy Bitcoin 24/7 as a hedge against a crashing US Dollar.
Bitcoin is still consolidating which feels like a relief, since it has run up so much since early November.
As we have been explaining in most every one of our blogs. Bitcoin halvings are always followed by bull runs. Every halving kicks off a bull run.
Today we should begin with more explanation about inflation. The CPI index tracks USD compared to a basket of goods and services.
We are short on time today unfortunately. This short week is tough.
How strong and transcendent is Bitcoin adoption in 2020? There are now over 100 million Bitcoin users globally.
Well it’s Friday and Bitcoin torched it this week. So we will try to have fun today!
Once Bitcoin broke through $20,000 early yesterday morning. It has gone completely parabolic since!
Bitcoin has broken out, and is now rolling towards $21,000!
Bitcoin is looking healthy and bullish. We don’t know when it will break out of this three week accumulation.
For 3 weeks Bitcoin has been accumulating under $20K.
Historically Bitcion has massively outperformed Gold and Stocks.
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