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Everything is fuel. However, here is the thing. What is it fuel for? Stocks are held up by the central bank. Monetary policy is now quantitative easing which keeps interest rates low.
Rumors are flying about XRP and Dogecoin somehow replacing Bitcoin as the future money of choice, future global reserve currency.
Bitcoin is really showing signs of a rather incredible and earth shattering move to the upside.
If Bitcoin were a company it would rank as the #5 largest corporation in the world behind Alphabet, parent company of Google.
Bitcoin has been re-accumulating and trading sideways for 8 weeks now. Frustrating as it is, we must remember the stock to flow model.
The last two days we blogged about conviction and logic. We will try to expand on that today.
Yesterday, we discussed conviction in the blog. If you believe in a thesis, there must be a logic path to reach the conclusion.
We all have to believe in something. But when it comes to investing for the future. That is where it gets interesting.
On Sunday Bitcoin had dropped to $47K. Earlier this Monday morning, it broke $54,016.
Despite Bitcoin’s 7 week consolidation that everyone is talking about, including us. There are some signs of a turnaround.
Frustrating as it may be, Bitcoin has been stuck between $54K and $64K since early March.
Basically, money gives a person the ability to choose how they live, work, where they go.
From a statistical standpoint. America is anything but free! The Fed has printed over 23% of all currency in circulation over the last 12 months.
We wrote six blogs in February that one should not worry about the price of Bitcoin.
For every million new users of Bitcoin, the price rises $200.
Willie Woo is one of the best Bitcoin analysts in the Industry. Wiliam Clemente III deserves some honorable mention, Robert Breedlove, Preston Physh as well.
Buckminster Fuller predicted back then, 54 years ago, that money would be made of energy and backed by energy. Sound familiar?
2016-2017 bull run! Today or tomorrow the pi ratio will cross.
Bitcoin is bouncing above and below $60K through this last weekend. That is extremely bullish, so today, we will zoom out on Bitcoin’s price history
OK so its Friday and Bitcoin is being so boring! Today, we dive into global macroeconomics. This drives Bitcoin fomo anyway, right?
Coinbase, the largest crypto currency exchange in the world released it’s Q1 numbers yesterday before the 4/14 IPO.
Each halving, in which the miner reward is cut in half, kicks off the bull run. They last 18 to 24 months.
The $1.5 billion in March Bitcoin mining revenue would be $18 billion annualized, which means that the Bitcoin network is valued at 61x the annualized revenue.
Bitcoiners like us at Neutral ATM have heard it all. Excuses as to why someone has not invested in Bitcoin yet.
Will Gold ever recover? Bitcoin has truly taken Gold’s thunder away, since the pandemic began last March!
The 30 year treasury bond rates are climbing fast and that is NOT good. Last week we showed how if the 30 yr bond climbs it could eventually tank the stock market and the real estate market.
Payment systems are going to start moving quickly into crypto currency. The largest beneficiaries will be Bitcoin followed by Tether.
When will the Fed be in a position to stop printing? Real Inflation is here now, despite what CPI reports (1.4%). Real inflation should be in the 9% to 14% range in the US depending on your location.
Despite Bitcoin dipping to $50,350 this morning, all factors point to relative strength of Bitcoin in this bull run.
Today we want to keep it high level. We want to keep going over supply demand. Last month we did 6 blogs in a row on why the price of Bitcoin does not matter.
Bitcoin is back into a re-accumulation mode. If it stays in this mode until April. That simply means, quantity and value of Bitcoin are adjusting before value moves up again.
Bitcoin has more than doubled in 2021 so far. We are still in the first quarter. Therefore, it has been a great year up to this point.
Jerome Powell announced yesterday the Fed will keep printing through quantitative easing until CPI inflation is above 2% comfortably.
If your going to own Bitcoin 10 minutes, plan to own it 10 years. Treat it like you will not sell it.
Bitcoin doesn’t have feelings. It doesn’t care if your having a bad day, or what the weather is.
Neutral ATM has released an expert analysis of the price of Bitcoin as compared to other fiat currencies and gold.
Bitcoin is likely to have a good week in spite of the bad Monday, because the stimulus checks are arriving in mass this week.
“Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alight”. Bob Marley
Bitcion has evolved over the years. So has inflation, so has the Cantillon effect.
Bitcoin is steaming towards the new ATH of $58,330. Only $100 to go right now! It got within $35 earlier today.
Bitcoin has passed Microsoft in total market cap and will eclipse Amazon and Apple next.
Today’s will be a special blog! We hope you enjoy it.
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