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Bitcoin IS hard Money!

Ricardo Salina Pliego (net worth 15.8 billion) has this to say about Bitcoin.  Will he and his father Hugo have enough pull to get Mexico to vote for Bitcoin as a legal tender, click here to read.

Paraguay is set to vote this week on Bitcoin as a legal tender in that country.  We shall see the outcome, Neutral ATM believes it is likely Paraguay will be the second country to make Bitcoin legal tender.  We hear Guatemala is waiting in the wings to become the third country, click here to read.


India banned Bitcoin trading a while back, yet Indians living there are investing heavily in Bitcoin due to it’s store of value, hard money principles.  India is unlikely to vote Bitcoin a legal tender, but it still leads the world along with the US and a few other countries in terms of Bitcoin adoption, click here to read.


Any country that has bad exchange rates with the USD understands inflation and hyperinflation.  All of those countries will eventually flood in to making Bitcoin a legal tender.  Citizens are completely protected from having their wealth disappeared due to high costs of goods and services required to live in these countries.  Bitcoin grows your wealth over time because of it’s programed scarcity.  This is well understood in underdeveloped countries.  Bitcoin as a legal tender is spreading.  Freedom is spreading!  As more countries vote this way and adoption of Bitcoin grows faster and faster globally.  The accumulation in the US that institutional investers are taking on will become difficult.  Only 900 Bitcoin per day are produced.  At some point, supply will no longer accommodate demand.  That demand is growing, fast.  Throw some pension funds into this and Bitcoin scarcity will become front page news.  Don’t wait for Bitcoin to get this scarce to buy in.  Invest now before demand outstrips supply.  The supply shock is growing, demand is growing.  Central banks are nervouse.  This will end with a face melting run up later this year, especially in the fall.  Scarcity forces this to happen.  Supply cannot meet demand, there is only one thing to do at that point.  This is called the network effect, number go up!  It’s that simple.  This is now a race to get as much wealth stored in Bitcoin now, while it is still possible to accumulate.

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