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Bitcoin Magazine: Panama bill legalizing Bitcoin as legal payment goes to Supreme Court, the final step before being enacted into law.
The fact that China is re-opening after 20 months + of covid restrictions is strengthening Oil demand.
What will it take for humanity to wake up to the fact that CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is coming right at us like a freight train.
“Bitcoin is a solution, in search of a problem” Stanley Drunkenmiller
The US debt ceiling has increased dramatically each decade, yet it has become much worse since 2010.
DOJ is announcing an enforcement action for international cryptocurrency today.
Billions in government bonds were bought up by the Bank of Japan, last week!
The US dollar is the global reserve currency. It is the largest currency in the world.
On this blog we have, for several weeks, said the only scarce assets that are in good shape right now (as investments) are Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.
So a few weeks after the FTX scam goes public, this comes out. We have warned for a year plus about the absolute evils of a CBDC.
Michael Burry has some credibility since he is an all time successful hedge fund manager.
The everything bubble is crashing. We have been saying this for a year and it is no less true now than New Years 2022!