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It’s all fun and games until the world collapses under a ginormous, unpayable mountain of debt! This is the sovereign debt crisis.
Bank of England is going back to Quantitative Easing and buying their own bonds. This move will help continuity of government.
We believe, although we are not directly privy to real time data, that JP Morgan, BOA, and Wells Fargo are all having insolvency issues.
For the first time in history US 20 year treasuries are dropping off faster than the S&P 500. In spite of what Cramer says about the economy on CNBC.
Bitcoin hangs in the balance waiting for this rigged and manipulated FOMC announcement to decide the monetary policy for the next month or more.
With BRICS nations adding Argentina and Turkey, making it 7 nation states and half of the global population.
In spite of gas pricess dropping recently, inflation has still not been tamed. 0.6% month-over-month increase in inflation from July to August 2022!
CPI was 8.3% today, while the forecast was supposed to be 8.1%.
Last week it was announced (details below), that proof of work mining may be on the block for an executive order to stop it.
We are going heavy Global Macro. First, we have to understand what is happening in Europe.
Bitcoin in 2022, has been a series of dumps followed by a series of Bart Simpson patterns
After the Jackson Hole Fed economic conference, Fed Chairman Powell’s speech, which was very hawkish on Fed Fund Rates for the future, caused all markets to crash big!
“The fragility in China’s real estate sector could spread to the U.S. if it deteriorated dramatically”. Fed Chairman Powell
Bitcoin always inverts the DXY, (US dollar index). So, when Fed monetary policy “tightens” there is selling pressure on Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is strengthening and accumulating well above it’s $17,500 bottom.
Bitcoin is bumping against resistance at $25,000 and has broken through but not closed a daily candle above that level.
Blackrock the world’s largest institutional investor is now offering a Trust to their clients with which to buy and hold physical Bitcoin.
Central Banks have long controlled the money supply in Nations. It started in England, with the first Central Bank, being controlled by the Rothschild Family.
Is $750 Billion, funded by money printing. It will increase US taxes, and increase IRS oversight, and do nothing to fight inflation.
In June 2022 Bitcoin fell below $20,000, and bottomed at $17,500. If held until today (34% ROI).
Look at this statistic as it relates to the importance of personal finance to people.
Brian Brooks formerly Comptroller of the Currency, just met with congress and testified in this link below about the importance of Bitcoin both for the environment and the economy
Despite the White House and Janet Yellen saying we are not in a recession now, even though there have just been 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.
Bitcoin is a decentralized monetary system which is separate and apart from central banks.
This is what is happening in China at Banks. Withdrawals not being allowed.
Many people tell us they don’t trust Bitcoin because of the volatility. It is down from $69,000 in November!
As the Bank of Canada hikes rates 100 bps, Jerome Powell, US Fed chairman, hints at a 100 bps rate hike for the Fed as well.
The world is truly off it’s axis to put it mildly! Today’s blog will look at China and Saudia Arabia.
500,000 GB of data was just released all over the internet regarding treason, and debauchery performed by the Presidents son, Hunter Biden.
Bitcoin is far, far below the stock to flow model. Inflation is still out of control.
On Tuesday we showed some proof that Bitcoin had bottomed or was very, very close to a bottom. Price was in the high $19K’s and now it has touched $21K.
Today, we are getting straight to the point. Yes, the economy is in shambles.
As the value of the dollar erodes away. The amount it takes to be wealthy, or financially comfortable goes up and up!
Bitcoin has not been this far below the 200 day moving average for much time. Only 3% of it’s lifetime has Bitcoin been this oversold before.
Proshares is starting a Short Bitcoin ETF.
Can the Fed control inflation? That is the billion dollar question.
Feb 4, 2011 Bitcoin gained parity with the US Dollar. Bitcon was worth $1.
It is very hard to predict where Bitcoin will be over the next few months. The farther out the time frame is, the easier it is to see where Bitcoin is going.
This zoomed out chart of Bitcoin going back 10 years. Shows us how bullish the last decade in Bitcoin has truly been.
Bitcoin represents the only money ever created that does not require DEBT to create velocity of money.
Fear and greed index in 2020 with Bitcoin at $16K
We will stick to our guns on where Bitcoin is heading. We still hold out hope that a recovery very late in 2022 is possible.
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