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The realized profit/loss chart below shows a clear bottom, to the realized loss of holders that sold.
First of all, short term price predictions are all but impossible right now.
This is a long story. Here is what we know that happened to Terra (UST, stablecoin) and Luna (altcoin that stakes on UST).
Bitcoin will undoubtedly rise up faster than other assets once the macro economic environment improves.
Gold backed currencies in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, the BRIC countries is looking more and more possible or likely.
Tuesday and Wednesday everything looked great. Bitcoin was about to and then did break out from the descending wedge.
First off, Neutral ATM cannot determine which way Bitcoin will end up going in later 2022.
According to this chart below. The bolinger bands are tightening and volatility is about to increase dramatically.
There are multiple layers to the financial war going on globally. The EU and US against Russia.
Right now New York is attempting to attack Bitcoin mining by proposing a ban on proof of work mining.
Bitcoin pumped to $43K today, then dropped, and is back to pumping again.
Bitcoin has been accumulating in a range from $33k to $48K since January 2021.
There is still a tug a war going on from analysts, as to whether Bitcoin is still in a bull market, or is it about to rollover into a bear market.
Bitcoin can age you. It’s just a fact. So please, zoom out and look long term!
When observing the strong correlation with stocks and the looming stock market crash we have been writing about for 6 months now.
Zoom out, and relax! These prices could get into the upper $30K’s.
First let’s look at where we are now. Then we will extrapolate to the year 2030.
It is clear to us the US dollar is dying. Russia is now trading Oil for Rubles or Bitcoin.
This blog is no April fools joke! The Biden administration has now announced the strategic petroleum reserve will be used to lower gas prices.
Now there is proof that there is a higher percent of Bitcoin supply, that hasn’t been moved out of a cold wallet in a year or more.
Regardless of how anyone may feel about Vladimir Putin.
For many years now, a single global currency has been bantered about.
Russia is now trading Oil for Rubles to all unfriendly countries, which it deems the US and Europe.
Obviously, real inflation is being hidden from much of the public, but the trends are identical.
Bitcoin demand is not where it needs to be yet, in order for price to increase.
Bitcoin is over $40,700, ETH is nearing $3,000 as the FOMC announcement comes today. Bitcoin has been boring and consolidating all year.
Bitcoin has been languishing in the $38K to $40K range the last few days. Most of 2022 so far, has been boring, with Bitcoin going sideways between $36K and $45K.
The fact that there are only Bitcoin Future’s ETF’s, and not Bitcoin Spot ETF’s approved by the SEC. This makes it possible to buy Bitcoin futures and not spot Bitcoin.
Short and sweet today. This WSJ article discusses how the war in Ukraine, and we know a war in Taiwan is imminent, this will all fan the flames of inflation.
There are many factors at play which are bubbling up at the same time. This financial situation is tense.
This will be our most controversial blog yet. We had plenty of help from third party sources.
Bitcoin has been in a kangaroo market going from green future’s buying last spring to the red future’s sell off in the 3rd QTR 2021.
In our opinion, the decision by the ECB and the US Fed to remove Russia from the SWIFT banking system, may very well go down in history as one of the worst moves a central bank has ever made.
Bitcoin will eventually stop the sideways consolidation it has been stuck in since early 2021.
Bitcoin is surging as inflation hits many food commodities. Russia imports 29% of the world’s wheat.
We have seen global macro (in 2022) control Bitcoin price action.
As banks across Canada are closing due to the sheer number of citizens taking their money out of banks.
US producer prices rose 9.7% year over year in 2021. The increase was expected to be 9.1%.
Bitcoin is back over $44K today, and has broken out of the descending wedge it has been in.