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We don’t give enough credit to William Clemente on his glassnode graphs.
The news on Bitcoin is changing fast and furious. Each piece of news by itself is just noise.
Although yesterday and today’s pump came back down somewhat, from $40,577 to $37,324.
Nearly 20% of ARK Invest’s holdings are Crypto invested companies
Yesterday, was bad and today is good. It’s like a game of Tug-O-War, between bears and bulls.
Patience is required with the high volatility of Bitcoin investing.
Neutral ATM has launched a new report on inflation in relation to Bitcoin versus fiat currency.
There are many reasons to be short term bearish and mid term bullish, regarding the future of Bitcoin in 2021.
Bitcoin is struggling in the high $31K range. The media is having a field day with that and has been for a while.
Neutral ATM has another company that is working hard on bringing Bitcoin mining to the Oil and Gas Industry.
Bitcoin Hedges Inflation, But It Is Also The Flight To Safety Destination During A Deflationary Crash!
Bitcoin has always been a supply demand, store of value asset. It is hard money, not currency.
We admit this 3 month plus wait for Bitcoin to break out of the re-accumulation pattern it has been stuck in is getting really old
We keep telling readers to ignore, as much as possible, price action.
I spoke to someone yesterday who was mildly alarmed at recent price action of Bitcoin. Still interested in it though.
Inflation is not transitory. A $6trillion spending package is still being voted on and may come to pass.
Since China banned Bitcoin mining, and since the difficulty adjustment dropped - 28% on Friday, July 2nd.
Bitcoin being anti fragile is a narrative that has gone on since the early years of Bitcoin. It has gained steam and momentum over the years.
Bitcoin whales sold the first top of the bull run at $64829. Yet since April they have been selling out and not being replaced.
Ricardo Salina Pliego (net worth 15.8 billion) has this to say about Bitcoin.
Bitcoin dumped again and appears trapped in range, as we have discussed between $32K and $40K.
This is the seventh major drawdown for Bitcoin which currently stands at -49%.
Bitcoin appears to be executing the Wyckoff Distribution pattern.
China FUD that exchanges are being told to stop funding Bitcoin purchases in China, and mining being shutdown has caused mass panic in the crypto currency space.
A few global macro items to look at as we begin discussing where Bitcoin is now, and why.
Right now Bitcoin is neither sell or buy. No man’s land happens in the mid section of cycle tops in Bitcoin.
There is a massive global macro set up coming together. Bitcoin is in a large symmetrical triangle.
Anyone reading our daily blog, or crypto twitter knows Inflation is a much bigger socioeconomic problem than the main stream media lets on.
Regardless of whether Elon Musk now says Tesla will begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for Tesla EV’s again.
Private central banks have brought slavery to mankind. They recreated glass beads in Great Britain and brought them to Africa.
Why do we keep saying the price of Bitcoin does not matter? The overall reason is that there are 7 Billion unbanked people in the world.
Bitcoin is up to 400 obituaries written in print since 2009 when Bitcoin started. Why is main stream media so quick to write off Bitcoin?
Due to continual money printing in many countries central banks, food inflation has surged out of control.
Yesterday, we discussed a probable reason why Elon Musk would have tweeted about Bitcoin’s high power usage, last month.
Ark Invest (Cathie Wood) and Tesla (Elon Musk) have teamed up on Tesla solar batteries used to run Bitcoin nodes.
Bitcoin environmental impact being a big concern on Bloomberg, while the military industrial complex spends $4.6Billion per year on fuel, is a bit hypocritical is it not?
Bitcoin will overcome all FUD, environmental, financial, or any other type.
Bitcoin is an asset that does more than just appreciate in price. Thus, buying it only for price appreciation falls very short.
We all use an ATM as a way to get cash when needed the most.
The Weimer Republic printed currency to the point that it became absolutely worthless.
Notice the question is rhythmic, not volatile. By understanding why Bitcoin is rhythmic it explains the volatility as well.
Bitcoin got to $42K and this morning. It started dumping again to $37K. Obviously, a tug-a-war is going on.
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