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Bitcoin is in a wedge pattern. Longer than we think.
All central banks are private. 10-12 banking families own all central banks.
The national debt is now over $29 trillion, the vote just passed the US congress and senate to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion.
Despite what we see as obvious manipulation, since the SEC approved Bitcoin Future’s ETF’s, but not Spot ETF’s.
This first chart is UGLY! It’s from Wolf of All Streets, Scott Melker.
Friday is the new CPI Inflation announcement. Biden has already tweeted that the new number won’t include energy price decreases.
Today we will first look at global macro then move into where Bitcoin may be going near term.
As bad as Saturday morning was, kind of ruined our weekend. We see evidence of whales buying up Bitcoin at these prices.
This dump on Saturday morning dropped just below $42K. It breached the support at $52K.
Bitcoin is in between trend lines.
To us it is obvious Bitcoin is an a major battle with the $59K to $60K price level and trying to break through.
Bitcoin is an escape hatch, a life boat.
Despite mass media throwing FUD at Bitcoin, Christine Leggarde the ECB chairman doing the same.
Today, we discuss how the Omicron Variant, straight from the Wuhon Verology Lab, affected Bitcoin.
We have more time today to look into the details of why there is a squeeze in opposite directions, pulling against Bitcoin.
If we are understanding this correctly. Bitcoin is in a squeeze right now.
Today we will mix global macro analysis with Bitcoin technical analysis.
Although it did hit $69K last week, the fact that Bitcoin is down to $59.5K has some people shocked or even scared.
Although many have been surprised by the Bitcoin price this last week or so.
There is, and has been growing sentiment among Banks, Nation States, Hedge Funds, and Institutional Investors that Bitcoin is THE Hedge to stave off out of control, run away inflation
The much anticipated second leg of the Bitcoin bullrun may very well be upon us!
As expected, Bitcoin broke out on Sunday and more today. It has hit $66,551 today so far.
This chart shows how FED assets are dragging up, or melting up, or better yet cracking up, stock prices, and real estate prices.
Before we get into TA (technical analysis), we have to discuss these two topics, price controls in the US, and the devaluation of wages and salaries in CPI terms.
Bitcoin is still holding steady above $60K. It is bouncing off of support at $60K.
US and the global currencies taking steps towards hyperinflation is why Bitcoin IS money.
This weekend Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter and Square warned about impending hyperinflation.
Bitcoin has it’s own language. Sometimes it is intimidating to learn.
Whether SPX, Nasdaq, and DJIA experience a deflationary crash like we think they will this fall.
It already has. Question is, in what way will it shock everyone.
This bull run has 75 – 140 days to go. Maybe longer, but we doubt it. A good reason is the asymmetry of Bitcoin.
Yesterday, Bitcoin created a new high at approximately $67K, depending on the exchange you go by.
Bitcoin will change your life. Bitcoin has broken the all time high of $64,829!
What is really going on with the ETF’s now going live on the NYSE, plus the spot ETF coming down the pike?
To understand where Bitcin is now, one must understand where Bitcoin is in the halving.
The Bitcoin ETF’s are being allowed to trade, starting on Monday per the SEC.
What have we been shouting from rooftops about Bitcoin and the US economy, stock market?
Today we will go through what is wrong with the US Economy, what are the threats and why.
There are a lot of ashes to rise from. This blog will have two halves.
There are massive buys coming in Bitcoin as the FOMO kicks in.
Brazil is still waiting on the vote for Bitcoin to become legal tender.
Neutral ATM still gets some calls from those who do not understand the importance of offline keys to secure the Bitcoin they do have.
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