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This new stimulus package from the Senate has kicked off more corporate buy in to Bitcoin and they are using Bots to auto buy Bitcoin 24/7 as a hedge against a crashing US Dollar.
Bitcoin is still consolidating which feels like a relief, since it has run up so much since early November.
As we have been explaining in most every one of our blogs. Bitcoin halvings are always followed by bull runs. Every halving kicks off a bull run.
Today we should begin with more explanation about inflation. The CPI index tracks USD compared to a basket of goods and services.
We are short on time today unfortunately. This short week is tough.
How strong and transcendent is Bitcoin adoption in 2020? There are now over 100 million Bitcoin users globally.
Well it’s Friday and Bitcoin torched it this week. So we will try to have fun today!
Once Bitcoin broke through $20,000 early yesterday morning. It has gone completely parabolic since!
Bitcoin has broken out, and is now rolling towards $21,000!
Bitcoin is looking healthy and bullish. We don’t know when it will break out of this three week accumulation.
For 3 weeks Bitcoin has been accumulating under $20K.
Historically Bitcion has massively outperformed Gold and Stocks.
There are zero signs that money supply will be leveling off anytime soon.
The thing about Bitcoin is that it does’nt care what anyone thinks.
Bitcoin is still basically consolidating under $20,000 starting it’s second week.
What we do know is that Bitcoin is the worlds first peer to peer digital currency that is totally decentralized and provably scarce.
We know this much. When, not if, when Bitcoin breaks $20,000 and holds it as support.
Bitcoin always has massive bull markets that usually last 18 to 24 months after the halving.
CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink mentioned his thought that Bitcoin can evolve into a global market asset.
It’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin breaks through the all time high.
Today, cyber Monday, Bitcoin opened with an 8.12% CME gap in the Bitcoin futures.
Neutral ATM launches its first Bitcoin ATM in Stafford, TX. The newly launched easy to use Bitcoin ATM will help investors to buy and sell cryptocurrency conveniently and without hassles.
Neutral ATM, a cryptocurrency company based in Sugar Land, Texas, have launched a new easy-to-access digital exchange alternative.
Yesterday we compared Gold and Bitcoin and pointed out that Bitcoin is currently taking market share from Gold.
Bitcoin broke $19,424 this morning, and looks to attempt to break the all time high (ATH) today or tomorrow.
We hope all our followers enjoy Thanksgiving on Thursday, we all still have a lot to be thankful for.
Bitcoin broke out of the bull pennant it was in this week and is exploding up to $18,700 now!
Bitcoin is not a $ number per coin on a chart. There is more to the story.
As Bitcoin marches so elegantly towards the ATH of $20,000, adoption and interest in buying Bitcoin is also at all time highs.
Bitcoins total market cap has now, as of one hour ago, hit $325 Billion, an all time high.
Many technical analysts were worried Bitcoin would drop into a trend reversal since it dropped off over the weekend from touching $16,500 last week.
As Americans, can we trust the value of the US Dollar? Does patriotism have anything to do with trusting the value of the US Dollar? We would say no.
Bitcoin is humanitarian because it is borderless and permissionless with no ties to any central bank or government.
Today, I feel really good because I used monopoly money and plastic gold coins to explain money to my kids who are teenagers.
I read millennials rant about Bitcoin being superior to Gold due to analog vs digital forms of sound money.
2020 continues to provide supreme drama like no year ever has before. The gifs and memes keep coming!
The election chaos and uncertainty is obviously making Bitcoin very bullish. Right now it is accumulating and it is unclear if it will push above $16K.
All kinds of good jokes are coming out of this prolonged election uncertainty, at some point, but now is way to soon! Bitcoin and Ethereum are pumping.
We know there is angst and uncertainty out there while this election result hangs in the balance.
Thinking big and thinking longterm will do more to help a business or a family survive 2020 and into 2021 than worrying about the news!
Unfortunately, small businesses are really struggling in the UK and US. UK just mandated a lockdown which will hurt Europe’s recovery from the lockdowns from an economic standpoint.
We normally don’t post blogs on weekends. But we are making an exception. Monday 11/02/2020 could be ugly, really ugly for stocks!
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