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Payment systems are going to start moving quickly into crypto currency.  The largest beneficiaries will be Bitcoin followed by Tether.  Why?  We should let the head of crypto for Visa and the CEO for Circle explain.  They teamed up to allow Visa to launch payment rails on the blockchain because they are so much faster than the SWIFT and ACH system.

Cuy Sheffield Head of Crypto for Visa
“Support for digital currencies as a new type of settlement currency marks an important step forward for Visa’s network of networks strategy, which is designed to enhance all forms of money movement, whether on the Visa network, or beyond. By harnessing its global presence, partnership approach, and trusted brand, Visa is focused on adding differentiated value to the ecosystem and making cryptocurrencies more secure, useful, and applicable for payments.”


Jeremy Allaire CEO of Circle
“With USDC being the fastest growing dollar digital currency in the world, connecting its use to existing global networks will accelerate its adoption as both a store of value and medium of exchange. Crypto dollars FTW!”


Let’s be clear here.  The reason Neutral ATM pushes Bitcoin with such passion, is our distrust of the Fed and global fiat monetary system.  This lack of trust is growing worldwide.  Many currencies are being inflated which steals purchasing power from citizens in the country where the fiat currency exists.  For example, Zimbabwe!:

It decays the middle class because they lose all of their purchasing power!  It centralizes power to the elite politicians and the elite donor class who supports them financially.  Friends scratching each others back financially.  1/3 of stimulus packages are boondoggles, often created to launder the money and credit it back to the politicians bank accounts, and their friends.  Thus, a lack of trust in the system ensues.  Bitcoin was born in 2008 when the great financial collapse happened, and the Fed bailed out the banks and big fortune 500 businesses about to drag down the entire financial system with them.  Case in point, the US debt clock:
In 2008 US National Debt was in the $4 trillion range.  And now it is $28 trillion.  The US just had a $1.9 trillion stimulus package and they are discussing a $3 trillion dollar follow up stimulus package.  It should be voted on in a month or so, we will see.  We have even heard about a $10 trillion package being bantered about, who knows the time frame on that.  

Now look at the 30 year treasury bonds.  They went from 1% a year ago to 2.5% in March 2021.  If the Fed had to print almost $5 trillion last year and the 30 year treasury bonds still went up, what will they have to print this year?  If 30 year treasury bonds spike up high throughout 2021, that will upend the ability of companies to borrow, it will destroy the stock market.  Therefore, the fed has no choice but to keep printing more currency.  This neverending loop is a death spiral for currency and it is going on globally.  Stock market’s wont go bust, currencies will first!  Remember Zimbabwe!  Europe is worse than the US is.  So, this leads to a demand for scarce assets.  Art, classic cars, quality real estate are all breaking records for demand, inventory, and price appreciation.  However, the price appreciation on the scarcest of all assets worldwide is higher than all the rest.  Bitcoin.  In February Tesla started buying Bitcoin on it’s balance sheet.  Then, in March Elon Musk announced customers could buy a Tesla in Bitcoin, and that Tesla would continue to HODL (hold on for dear life) Bitcoin and not sell it.  Well, this leads to a massive decrease in sell pressure.  See this chart below:

Then look at these two charts below.  ChartsBTC calls them epoch’s.  You could call them cycles.  The 4 year cycle when Bitcoin has a bear market, re-accumulation market, growth market, bull market.  The halving is the vertical line on both charts below, separating the epoch’s or cycles.  See the chart’s below:

Each epoch or cycle see Bitcoin run up 20X during the cycle.  Currently, we are in Bitoin’s 4th cycle.  At the halving Bitcoin was $8,500.  20X from there is $170,000 plus.  That is a very reasonable, very conservative prediction for the top of this bull run we are in.  If a HODLer holds Bitcoin though an entire 4 year cycle to the next cycle top.  That is a life changing store of value, wealth preservation, cycle event.  Coming out of that, a family can overcome generations of debt!  4 years can go buy quickly, commit to a long term plan.  Watch how much Bitcoin you own not the price of each coin.  Create wealth by storing it in the scarcest of all assets, while fiat currency the US transacts in now, is being inflated away to zero value.  Remember Zimbabwe!

Neutral ATM buys and sells Bitcoin as little as $20 at a time!  You do NOT have to buy an entire Bitcoin.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.  

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