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Will it come down to Bitcoin or CBDC?

There is so much variability going on right now, it is hard to predict how this will end.  South Dakota and presumably other states, are greasing the wheels for CBDC.  It is expected to roll out in the US this fall or early 2024.  Not sure of the timing yet.  Compared to the freedom, humanity, and scarcity of Bitcoin.  Adoption will look like this, regardless of the choke points the regulators attempt to hit us with regarding Bitcoin onramps:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Will it come down to Bitcoin or CBDC?


Rioting over elections, run away inflation, and general government distrust is rampant in South Africa, Mexico, Lebanon, Argentina, all over Europe, Australia, Nigeria, US, Canada, and other nation states.  The higher the inflation, the more violent it gets!  Will we ever learn?

Here is a quick side by side comparison of CBDC and Bitcoin:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Will it come down to Bitcoin or CBDC?

Censorship resistant digital currency, that is stateless at the protocol level, is precisely what makes Bitcoin different than every altcoin, every fiat currency, and every tangible asset! 

Obviously CBDC is limitless, completely censored digital currency, totally controlled by central banks, with access to social media, purchasing habits, and food intake.  They are opposites of each other.  

Owning Bitcoin BEFORE your are forced into it out of sheer survival, is a much BETTER outcome than waiting.  Central Banks control the media too.  Not to mention commercial banks.  So, naturally they are predisposed to be Anti Bitcoin:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Will it come down to Bitcoin or CBDC?


Ignore the noise and get in early before Bitcoin prices, inflation, pain and suffering, all go parabolic.  We are not financial advisors and this is not financial advise.  Many avenues are coming together to bring Bitcoin to the masses.  The lightening network, for a faster medium of exchange.  Levelfield Financial for bringing Bitcoin into main stream Banking.  El Salvador, Portugal, Ukraine, Central African Republic have adopted Bitcoin to some degree.  Many other countries are trying to.  There IS resistance!  However, that does NOT stop citizens from personally adopting Bitcoin.  


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