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Why Have’nt You Bought Bitcoin Yet?

Bitcoiners like us at Neutral ATM have heard it all.  Excuses as to why someone has not invested in Bitcoin yet.  So, today, we try to dispel the myths on Bitcoin.  Below are the last 10 years of annual returns on Bitcoin.  The two red dots were negative:
  • 2011: 🟢 1,473%
  • 2012: 🟢 186%
  • 2013: 🟢 5,507%
  • 2014: 🔴 56%
  • 2015: 🟢 33%
  • 2016: 🟢 125%
  • 2017: 🟢 1,325%
  • 2018: 🔴 72%
  • 2019: 🟢 88%
  • 2020: 🟢 302%
  • 2021: 🟢 100%
Pay close attention to 2013 and 2017 🚀
Through 12/31/2020, Bitcoin averaged over 201% annual return on investment.  Nowhere, can an investor beat that return.  Nowhere!  Alt coins are popular and many new crypto currency investors get swept up in the alt coin craze.  Problem is, alt coins have never caught up to Bitcoin.  They are not as decentralized, some are not at all decentralized.  They are not as secure.  But most importantly, alt coins have an owner, who started the alt coin project.  Take Ethereum for example.  We own a decent amount of Ethereum, but still single digit % relative to Bitcoin.  Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum.  He owns a majority of the circulating supply of Ethereum.  He can dump his coins whenever he likes what he sees as the owner, and decides to cash in.  Vitalik is smart, really smart.  He won’t do that until the end of the bull run.  Neutral ATM WILL sell 100% of our Etheruem before Vitalik!  We know it will dump eventually.  Bitcoin has shown much more resiliency than all other alt coins.  It dumped in 2014 and 2018.   We think it will dump in 2022.  We plan to invest into land and maybe some rare art as the bull run plays out.  But the rest WILL stay in Bitcoin.  We will ride out the bear market.  Why?  We trust Bitcoin.  It’s scarcity is provable, mathematically.  We bought in a bear market, our dollar cost average is well below the bottom of the 2022 bear market ($40K to $70K).  Therefore, we do not fear the bear, we hold on for dear life (HODL)!  Remember the oak tree analogy.  Don’t worry about the high limbs waving violently in a storm, look at the deep roots and focus on that!  We will need that intestinal fortitude next year!  Trust us!  Bitcoin will drop next year, but in 2023 it will start coming back.  Then, after the early 2024 halving Bitcoin will start running up.  We see 2025 as being a glorious bull market year in Bitcoin.  We set our goal, we do not deviate from the plan.  Government cannot successfully ban Bitcoin, it has never been done successfully.  If the US tries it, Bitcoin will moon big time, especially if it is close to a halving!  Inflation is the rocket fuel for Bitcoin.  Since the Fed has to control 10 year and 30 year bond yields,  the Fed has to keep printing.  That is the only way they keep bonds from shooting up, and tanking the real estate market and stock market.  Printing and inflation, is their only weapon.  This pumps up Bitcoin, real estate, art, classic cars.  We choose to stay away from most alt coins because they are so centralized.  The above investments cannot be manipulated by the US Fed!  They are truly decentralized.  Below is proof that inflation is already here right now:

Inflation is coming, 2020 numbers: 

  • Steel +145%
  • Lumber +126%
  • Oil +80%
  • Soybeans +71%
  • Corn +69%
  • Copper +50%
  • Silver +38%
  • Cotton +35%
  • Coffee +34%
  • Wheat +25%
  • FAO Food Index +25%
  • Cattle +21%
  • Bitcoin +470%
  • Stock Market +23%
  • Home Values + 8%
  • Hourly Wages +5%
  • Money Supply Up +24%
  • Reported Inflation +1%

YTD 2021 numbers:

  • Bitcoin: +102%
  • Oil: +22%
  • Dow Jones: +8%
  • S&P 500: +6%
  • NASDAQ: +3%
  • Gold: -10%
There really is no end in sight to the money printing and fiat currency manipulation until Bitcoin is the global reserve currency.  That may never happen, and if fiat stays in control, Bitcoin will keep pumping and pumping. 
Regardless of a bear market one out of every four years, the feedback loop will keep the demand for Bitcoin chasing scarcity, around each halving.  The supply shock 6 months after the halving creates the bull run, which usually lasts a year, once it gets momentum going.  Neutral ATM believes this Thanksgiving, American Bitcoiners will have A LOT to be thankful for!  Invest in scarcity.  When that scarcity is based on a 12 year old plus blockchain, that cuts the miner reward in half every 210,000 blocks.  You can count on that blockchain.  It has never been hacked.  It is worthy of trust.  If your trust is still weak, only invest 5% into Bitcoin.  If that trust is strong, invest more.  Start small if you want to just dip one toe into Bitcoin.  The key is to start.  Dollar cost average in.  Commit long term.  Don’t sell, hold until the 2025 bull run.  Bitcoin could easily hit $1 million then.  Or it may end up just under that.  Does it really matter?  Ignore the price and focus on the fundementals of Bitcoin.  Research scarcity, supply demand economics, global macro economics.  Ignore keynsian economics, it does NOT work!

Neutral ATM buys and sells Bitcoin as little as $20 at a time!  You do NOT have to buy an entire Bitcoin.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin. 


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