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The Bitcoin Long Game

Bitcoin appears to be in a long descending channel.   It also looks like there might be forming a large inverse head and shoulders inside the descending channel.  It will keep on dropping down until it breaks out.  If the inverse head and shoulders plays out the break out will be fairly soon.  It has stayed consistently in this channel all week.  Below is a chart showing were Bitcoin has come from with news, halvings, FUD, and retracements.  Notice, always higher lows and higher highs.  Therefore, stay connected to the amount of Bitcoin you hold, not the price of each coin.  Hard to do, but Neutral ATM is using 2025 as our target year.  What we do now is for where we will be in 2025.  We may shift some assets around somewhat when this bull market is at it’s peak and again in 2025.  But even then, our next focus will be 2029 when the next halving cycle will peak.  A low time preference is key to success in Bitcoin.  It is a very long game.  This is how we play it:

Below is another view of the long game: 
The fourth year of every cycle is the best bull market year in Bitcoin for that cycle.  Then it starts over.  We focus on market tops and market bottoms.  We can easily time the bottoms when Bitcoin drops to or below the 200 day moving average.  This is the safe way to stay in Bitcoin long term and not get burned.  Keeping the coins in the stack, static or moving up each cycle.  Then, in the fourth and final year of the cycle, which is the huge green yearly candle in the above chart.  We look for the 325 day moving average crossing over the 200 day moving average to signal the market top.  Then we transfer a single digit % of our Bitcoin holdings into Real Estate or a new car.  Whatever large purchase needs to be made.  This gives brings about a debt free life, and low stress, low time preference.  All other coins are HODLed long term.  Never sell.  Only transfer (<10%) into another store of value at market tops each bull market cycle.  

In the chart below we can see Bitcoin whales with 1,000 to 10,000 Bitcoin holdings each, are beginning to take some profit recently.  Some of these whales likely bought Bitcoin below $1,000 per coin a few years ago.  For example, if you had seen Bitcoin below the 200 day moving average in late 2015 ($176), you would have a 278.4X profit right now!  5.5 years of HODLing Bitcoin for a profit of 27,740%!  In a few more months that % will be 3 times the profit when this bull market closes out.  So patience and playing the long game are critical.  We may only be 120 days from the cycle top.  Who knows, hold the line.  We will keep you informed.  Here is the chart on what the whales have been doing:

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