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Taiwan is next, Inflation is out of control; Bitcoin

Short and sweet today.  This WSJ article discusses how the war in Ukraine, and we know a war in Taiwan is imminent, this will all fan the flames of inflation, click here to read more.
7.9% CPI inflation announced today!  Real inflation is easily 15% to 20% including food, rent, gas, etc.  CPI is fudged very badly.  It has a ratio back to 1982 to 1984 inflation which was mostly double digit CPI inflation in those years.  This ratio keeps CPI much lower than it actually is.  It helps the government use lower pay raises to its employees and keeps the masses in check when inflation gets high.  Right now it is out of control and this should mean good news for Bitcoin price action.  It has been getting shorted back down everytime is approaches $45K.  That will end as soon as demand for Bitcoin outstrips supply.  What is pushing demand for Bitcoin.  All this War!  Money printing!  Propoganda being exposed in MSM!  Lack of trust in governments and media at all time highs!  Now Duck Duck Go is supporting cencorship of “misinformation”.  As more cencorship is rolled out, privacy becomes more important.  The flight to safety is taking off.  Get on board.  If CBDC’s are rolled out globally, which we expect.  Privacy will be lost, gone forever for those who accept CBDC (central bank digital currency).  Neutral ATM loves privacy and freedom.  Nothing is more private and free than digital money, on a distributed ledger, transacted peer to peer, without any central bank intervention, on a blockchain that is unseizable.  Just keep your Bitcoin offline and hold your private keys!  Then, voila!  Your privacy is restored.  Never has this been more important than right now!  Just look at what is truly going on!  
  • War in Ukraine
  • Propoganda revealed to be false about this War
  • War upcoming in Taiwan
  • More Propoganda
  • Privacy getting rug pulled by Duck Duck Go
  • More Propoganda
  • Russia kicked out of the SWIFT banking system
  • Visa, Mastercard not taking Russian citizens transactions, blocking them
Take back your privacy and your freedom!  Bitcoin will see a supply shock driven short squeeze.  We see the price climbing incredibly fast!  Don’t be caught flat footed.  We are not financial advisors and this is not financial advise.  Research it all you want.  Time is running out.  A short squeeze will come without warning!
Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin. 

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