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Supply Fixed, Demand Swings

Bitcoin is back into a re-accumulation mode.  If it stays in this mode until April.  That simply means, quantity and value of Bitcoin are adjusting before value moves up again.  On the chart below, see Bitcoin on the right side.  Supply of Bitcoin goes in one directon, down.  Supply is fixed, the line is at 90 degrees.  Quantity being reduced, increases demand which is the 45 degree line.  On the left side, all other goods, has supply that is also a 45 degree line.  If supply goes up too high, demand goes down.  In essence, Bitcoin has hacked the supply demand scenario for value appreciation.  By using math and energy to fix supply, demand is garaunteed to go up because supply is garaunteed to go down.  Bitcoin is trustworthy, as we have written about because it is made of math, human behavior does not influence it.  All other goods, their value swings based on human behavior because supply is not fixed.  Here is the chart:
In this tweet crypto whale shares that M1 and M2 are not being disclosed anymore, click here to view.  As we have mentioned many times in our blogs, chapwood index which shows real inflation was just shut down last month.  Money Supply growth is now HIDDEN from the American people!  Same as published real inflation.  Hidden.  Censored. 
This should be alarming for most people that care about the USA.  The US is the largest super power and the USD is the global reserve currency.  If that is lost, it probably will not be good for the US or the world.  Yet, money supply growth and online tracking of real inflation are no longer published recently.  Meanwhile, Government debt is over $28 trillion.  We have heard that a new $3 trillion stimulus plan is being worked on for infrastructure improvements in the US.  If that happened that would be $4.9 trillion in the first half or so of 2021.  In 2020, over 20% of all USD in circulation globally was printed in 2020.  If that is increased in 2021, which it is on track to be surpassed.  Surely, ever growing rates of inflation will roll in to the economy.  Fiat currency world wide are in the process to varying degrees of increasing money supply.  Some countries have surpassed what the US central bank has done up to this point.  If one believes the historical Bitcoin charts are accurate.  Understands the stock to flow model.  Then, the chart below would mean Bitcoin will remain in this upward channel whereby it averages over 200% ROI per year.  One year out of every four will be a bear year.  However, Bitcoin always recovers.  Here is the longterm upward channel below:
The biggest catalyst for Bitcoin improving it trajectory and growth despite its volatility is the halving whereby every 210,000 blocks mined, the block reward to miners is cut in half.  The supply is cut in half.  Thereby making supply fixed, known, garaunteed.  Supply Demand, hacked.  That is Bitcoin.  In the below graph, despite Bitcoin being in a re-accumulation mode right now, supply is leaving exchanges and being stored offline.  Offline storage means long term storage.  Like a freezer instead of a refrigerator.  See the chart, and notice, as supply on exchanges drops off, price appreciates:
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