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Supply Demand Investments

Today we want to keep it high level.  We want to keep going over supply demand.  Last month we did 6 blogs in a row on why the price of Bitcoin does not matter.  Supply Demand is one of the big reasons why that is true, from a long term investors point of view.  In this chart below, same one we posted yesterday.  We see supply, on the right, representing Bitcoin, is 90 degrees straight up.  With Bitcoin, supply only goes down, every 210,000 blocks.  Why, because Bitcoin is a protocol made of math.  Miners worldwide, are vying for a block reward.  It is rewarded about every 10 minutes, to the miner that solves the block equation on an ASIC computer (made to mine Bitcoin only).  Every 210,000 blocks, the reward is cut in half.  We call that the halving.  It happened May 11, 2020.  It will happen again in very early 2024.  Therefore, we know Bitcoin will be in another bull run in 2024 and 2025.  Because the supply shock from the halving will take 18 to 24 months to come to fruition.  This is why supply is fixed for Bitcoin, and it is variable for all fiat currency, stocks, precious metals.  Supply being fixed makes Bitcoin a more trustworthy investment.  It also differentiates Bitcoin from EVERY other crypto currency available on the market.  Only Bitcoin has a fixed supply, proof of work protocol.  Here is the chart:
This above chart also explains why the stock to flow model accurately predicts Bitcoin since 2009.  The stock to flow has a fixed supply.  We know how long a block reward takes(9 minutes 40 seconds to 10 minutes).  We know how many blocks get rewarded before the reward is halved(210,000).  Every single time the 210,000th block is rewarded the block reward is cut in half.  There are no exceptions to this protocol, it never changes.  This protocol was written into code in 2008, Bitcoin was released January 5th 2009.  The first million Bitcoin produced have never been sold.  Satoshi Nakamoto is not a known person.  Bitcoin has no President, no board of directors.  Nothing you can invest in is this decentralized, apart from central banks who are printing currency into inflation.  Bitcoin is the apex predator of all investable assets.  This is why it can be trusted.  Here is the stock to flow model:

We were Gold investors since 2010.  We know precious metals investing.  Before Bitcoin, Gold was the chosen hedge against inflation.  However, now Bitcoin is passing Gold.  Why?  Gold does NOT have a fixed supply.  Unsubstantiated rumors regarding Gold are:  There are $Quadrillions worth of Gold in underground tunnels being stored.  There are $Quadrillions worth of Gold buried in an asteroid that Spacex could possibly mine.  We call these rumors, they could both be false.  All we are saying is, Gold is mined.  It’s supply is physical and therefore it can be manipulated.  If either of these rumors was true, releasing mass Gold supplies would tank the Gold price fast!  Since Bitcoin is not physical, it is digital, the supply can be fixed in a proof of work system.  We described above why Bitcoin can keep supply fixed, and control it, as it has done since the protocol was first written.  So, this would explain why Gold has lost 99% of it’s value, when priced in Bitcoin(since Bitcoin came out).  See Peter Schiff tweets about Bitcoin before it shoots up again.  He owns a Gold investment company:

In closing we can easily prove.  A fixed supply, where proof of work is required to be rewarded a block of Bitcoin, is a more trustworthy asset to invest in.  The USD is falling and failing, rather quickly.  Invest in Bitcoin long term.  Preserve your wealth and purchasing power.  Neutral ATM has now come out with an OTC Desk whereby we can offer lower fees (4%) for a minimum investment.  We help our customers collect and hold Bitcoin long term.  The longer you hold it (the more cycles) the higher the value will appreciate.  Refer back to the stock to flow model as your guide.  Ray Dalio now says the US will outlaw Bitcoin.  Nigeria, India, China tried that, and they lead the world in Bitcoin adoption.  Bitcoin cannot be controlled, or manipulated by a central bank. 
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