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Stay focused long term, Bitcoin!

The last two days we blogged about conviction and logic.  We will try to expand on that today.  Over $10billion of Bitcoin is now held on the books of public corporations, and that is just the top 12.  There are smaller public companies holding Bitcoin on the balance sheet as well.  Adoption of Bitcoin is growing faster than Apple and Microsoft in the mid 90’s.  US Money supply has never grown faster than it is right now.  Inflation was 10% to 14% in 2020 and growing fast in 2021.  All of this has been proven to those reading our blog this year, with charts and graphs.  So, to personally find the conviction and follow the logic to begin buying and holding Bitcoin, one MUST accept, inflation is a hidden tax! 
Below we have a graph showing mortgage backed securities being purchased by the US Fed, at a rate of $40billion per month.  Per Jerome Powell!  This chart below shows that the Fed buying mortgage backed securities is propping up the case shiller index.  This tracks home prices.  A month ago we showed a chart proving that forclosures were trending way up!  Also notice in this chart how demographics in the US with 18-64 year old population is dropping:

The next chart show Bitcoin getting more illiquid, which is the blue in the chart.  We have shown charts the last two weeks showing Bitcoin pouring out of exchanges and into cold storage wallets.  Neutral ATM helps customers obtain Trezor wallets for cold storage.  The below chart proves investors are not interested in selling Bitcoin.  Traders do that but they are the minority, generally.  Bitcoin is more illiquid than it has been in any previous bull run.  What does this mean?  Too soon to tell.  Have a close look at this chart:neutral-atm-bitcoin-focused-long-term

Bitcoin appears more on a double top trajectory like the 2012-2013 bull run.  That bull run pulled a 40X from it’s low.  We still see Bitcoin at the top ranging from $160K to $220K.  That still seems very conservative.  This re-accumulation period may last into May.  The next leg up will be steep!  The longer the re-accumulation the steeper the next break out will be.  Hold long term.

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