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Square Invests $50M of Bitcoin for Reserve Assets

Click here to view the white paper from Jack Dorsey CEO of square. He has announced Square is buying $50Million of Bitcoin for their reserve assets. Micro Strategy bought $425Million of Bitcoin for their reserves and shortly after that Tahini’s Restaurant chain bought $Millions worth of Bitcoin as their reserve asset.  The future is coming at us at light speed. Those of us who saw this coming and planned accordingly will prevail.  Cash is going to be too weak to hold as an asset. It already loses at least 10% of it’s value per year. That will be going up quickly Inspite of the lack of a stimulus bill being signed Bitcoin is up today to over $10,900 and the future looks as bright as ever. Neutral ATM has ATM’s we can use to help the general public improve their cash reserve position. Get started today! We have low rates and we help educate people with our blogs and videos.

Here is an interesting chart to illustrate the point on where Bitcoin is and where it is going:


Since September 1st Bitcoin has been in a wedge pattern with slowing RSI velocity.  Fewer transactions.  The low prices or dips are getting higher and the peaks in price are getting lower forming a wedge pattern. Today, after the square announcement Bitcoin broke out.  How much longer will Bitcoin remain under $11,000.  It was rare for it to get above $10,000 for it’s entire history.  It is now in day 72 above $10,000 and climbing back to $11,000 quickly.  With this news and some form of stimulus bound to happen at some point even if it is after the election. Bitcoin price action has too much Global Macro Economics in its favor to be going down for long.  Many Bitcoiners expect and steady climb and we are just coming out of a month (September) which had several pullbacks. October is looking much better so far.  The biggest reason Bitcoin will steepen it’s climb is the massive Global adoption of Bitcoin as a reserve asset for so many people and large companies like Square. Let Neutral ATM help you get off zero.


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