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Long-term View at Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not a short-term investment to be traded in short time horizons. Only a small minority of investors have the qualifications to make short term trades consistently.  They win big and lose bid over time. Dollar Cost Averaging and holding for longer periods of time has the much better return on average. 21 week moving average touches in a confirmed bull market, which Bitcoin is in, now are a buying point.  While in a bear market, 200 week moving average touches are a buying point. See this chart below to get a visual of how Bitcoin has NOT gone below its 200-week moving average.  If your dollar cost average is at or close to the 200-week moving average. You have won at this strategy. See this chart showing the 200-week moving average for 11 years:

Thanks to Anthony Pompliano for sharing this chart. The cycles of Bitcoin repeat after each halving and really start a little before each halving.  In 2020, we had a bottom on March 13 and the halving was May 11.  Learning about and keeping up with the 21 week moving average (bull market) and the 200 week moving average (bear market) will get you buying at the right times. Understanding that to see the forrest through the trees you MUST zoom out.  I look at monthly candles for momentum swings that will last for many months. September could be such a swing if the month ends on Wednesday night above $11,000 or $11,200.  Bitcoin is trying to break through that resistance. To get good at investing in Bitcoin it is important NOT to watch daily spot prices but the moving average trends and monthly close candles. A long wick above a monthly close is downward momentum.  A long wick below a monthly close is upward momentum.  These candles show a direction for the future swing, and these types of monthly close candles do not happen often.  September 2020 is one of these monthly candles.  Only two more days!  Perhaps we will have to wait until October or November for an upward momentum monthly close.

This chart shows a longer-term view than many Bitcoiners want to see. However, as the asset matures the cycles do lengthen. That is proven comparing the 2012, 2016 and so far, the 2020 halving cycle.  

Thanks to Dave the Wave on this chart above. A volatile asset like Bitcoin requires perspective. Neutral ATM cherishes perspective. We want all our customers to win and keep coming back. We help everyone get off zero Bitcoin.


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