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Its Not Too Late to Invest in Bitcoin!

Today, I feel really good because I used monopoly money and plastic gold coins to explain money to my kids who are teenagers.  The basic premise they learned a little more yesterday, was that if a small group of government elites control the buying power of money in a given country.  That country will ultimately cause the currency or money to be printed until it losses value.  Different countries do this to different extents.  Also, an unstable currency, and extreme money supply can cause destabilization resulting in deflation.  Deflation is the opposite of the desired result from the US Fed, inflation.  The chance of a deflationary crash remains very high.  A reversal of the election results could cause that.  Some other event in the future we don’t know about, probably related to Covid 19 could as well.   In any event a slight upset to status quo could kick off this deflation and cause panic selling.  What would this do to Gold, Bitcoin, Silver, and the US Dollar?  They would skyrocket!  My kids have allowed me to take most of their remaining savings and allocate it 100% to Bitcoin to keep it valuable and safe.  Bitcoin is not controlled by any central bank.  It can be counted and verified down to a single Bitcoin, proving how scarce it is.  It is inevitable in the US that eventually UBI (universal basic income) will come out.  It will come out in the form of a CBDC (central bank digital currency).  A Fed Coin, Trump Coin, or a Biden Coin.  Who knows?  The point is, when it does come out, it will start slow and ramp up.  More and more UBI will be issued.  Don’t believe me?  Then take your chances sticking with stocks and bonds and saving in USD.  

The below chart models the value of Bitcon when the balance sheet of the US Fed and the ECB (European central bank) move more and more into Bitcoin.  Bitcoin exploded 28% in October.  It is likely to grow more than that in November.  As I told my children, how can you afford not to protect your savings and assets.  See the chart below:


Yesterday, we discussed Bitcoin being humanitarian because it allows people to gain great value from protecting their savings, and exponentially growing their savings in an unstable world.  It can help future generations build on technologies like the blockchain that Bitcoin is built on.  ATM’s provide convenience and a fast way to buy or sell Bitcoin and get started.  Neutral ATM takes it a step further and blogs daily to educate people about the importance of this revolutionary, world changing technology.  It needs to be protected and understood.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.  


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