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Jerome Powell announced yesterday the Fed will keep printing through quantitative easing until CPI inflation is above 2% comfortably.  He said “we would like to perform” relating to keeping the CPI inflation above that level.  The reason the Fed has this position, is that they have to devalue their debt.  All $28 trillion of it.  Which devalues our currency.  This is also why the chapwood index was shutdown.  So far in 2021, the CPI is at 1.4%.  One reason the Fed struggles to get above the 2% level is the US economy is services and technology focused.  Technology is very deflationary.  Laptops, TV’s, cell phones are all getting cheaper and smaller.  Yet the assets and items needed to run a household are not part of the CPI equation to calculate inflation.  Thus, CPI and Chapwood Index are off by a factor of 10.  Chapwood Index actually indexes everything required to live in the US.  Here is a tweet and the last 2020 Chapwood Index chart before it was shut down, click here to view tweet


So, assuming in 2021 inflation will be a good bit higher than the 2019 to first half of 2020 average (10.5%).  It could easily average 12% or more this year, nationwide.  Which means an investment must bring in 12% ROI to keep up with real inflation.  Understanding that CPI is not accurate, is a major step in moving forward in your financial life with investing in scarce assets.  

Below is a chart showing electricity prices since 1971.  That cost has skyrocketed ever since President Nixon took the US off the Gold standard.  Cheap energy is a major key to Bitcoin mining.  Mining adds a premium on to conserving and becoming more efficient producing electricity.  Below is the chart:

Squawk box had Anthony Scaramucci on this morning about the technology of Bitcoin, click here to view tweet.

Since we know Bitcoin is math and energy, and it is allowing us to have programattic scarcity in a digital form.  Owning and holding it, while real inflation continues to skyrocket, gives us an ever growing demand in an ever tightening supply of Bitcoin.  Not only is higher price action bring us demand, so is increasing inflation.  Neutral ATM came to Bitcoin because we understood inflation.  Now that the bull run is here, many are coming to Bitcoin due to the price action.  Only those who have studied and understand money and inflation, will hold Bitcoin after the bull run is over.  We must focus on how much Bitcoin we own, not what it is worth in USD per coin!  Remember, next week our OTC Desk begins with a minimum order of $11,000.  We can buy and sell at 4% fees!

Neutral ATM buys and sells Bitcoin as little as $20 at a time!  You do NOT have to buy an entire Bitcoin.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.  


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