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How to Value Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not a $ number per coin on a chart.  There is more to the story.  People can buy and sell with it, it’s best use is as a scarce store of value.  It is juxtaposed against all fiat currency being printed in amounts never seen before.  This currency printing phenomenon has been going on over a decade but at it’s worst since Covid 19 started in March.  This has jumpstarted Bitcoin, and its post halving bull run has now started.  We got in in March and April, and although there have been a lean month here or there (September), it has mostly gone up since.  The chart below shows us Bitcoin since late 2014.  The post halving bull runs are very obvious on this chart.  The bear markets last a year usually, which is painful.  However, there is forewarning before they arrive:


$1,000 worth of Bitcoin in 11/2015 is now worth $47,000!  940% average annual return!  Only Bitcoin gives these kind of returns since it came out in 1/2009.  Below is a rare and hard to find early chart of Bitcoin’s earliest days:
“If only I had known about Bitcoin 10 years ago” is a relent heard all over the world.  Unfortunately, this will likely be true 10 years from now as well!  Do not be afraid of the volatility, embrace it.  Study Bitcoin, learn about reading the charts.  It incentivizes one to save and invest, not just spend money.  It is a great way to teach children about saving and investing.  In Iran, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina, Greece, Africa, Malta and many countries globally with currency valuation problems, adoption of Bitcoin is extremely high.  The US is far behind, but catching up.  Those skeptical of Bitcoin will get left behind financially.  The main reason Neutral ATM exists is to help people find Bitcoin, help them save and invest.  Therefore, they do not have to suffer the consequences of inflation/deflation in the next few years.  

Many of our customers in the US, but from a poorer country in Latin America, send Bitcoin back home to family.  It is easy to transfer, and its appreciation longterm, is like nothing else in the investing world.  Unfortunately, in Mexico and Central America the needs are so great Bitcoin is often sold for food and basic neccesities.  Bitcoin is humanitarian!  It will change how the world saves, invests, spends, and purchases goods and services.  It could very well change the outlook economically for the next generation.  It is revolutionary!  Join us!  

In closing, here is a chart showing US Dollar purchasing power 1914 – 2020:


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