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How to send Bitcoin to family in another country?

Bitcoin is called “Digital Gold” “The People’s Money” and in it’s early days they called it “Internet Money”.  Here we look at how you can send it to family in another country.  Go to a Neutral ATM location.  Save it on your wallet.  It you don’t have a wallet we can give you one from our ATM.  Get the wallet address from your family member and transfer the Bitcoin in to their wallet.  No Western Union fees no 4 to 7 day delay.  It takes a few minutes and it is less expensive.  Plus the value of Bitcoin has gone from $.003 USD to $9,100 USD in 11 years as of today.  It is expected to rise later in 2020 much higher.

No central bank can control bitcoin.  It is uncorrelated to all global central banks.  No Government or dictator can affect your Bitcoin.  It’s similarity to Gold is because it becomes more scarce meaning there is less of it to buy, every four years.  It will stop being made in 2140.  It is scarce which keeps it’s value going up.  Use Neutral ATM to buy your Bitcoin, the people’s money.