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How is Bitcoin Scarce?

Bitcoin is decentralized.  No central bank controls it. Therefore, it cannot be inflated, and it cannot be deflated by a central bank authority anywhere in the World.  Gold is scarce to a degree, so how is Bitcoin different?  Bitcoin is often called Digital Gold.  It was created by coding it on specialized computers and chaining the blocks together.  Each block stores the ledger for who owns how much Bitcoin.  Miners who create these blocks get a block reward, paid in Bitcoin.  Every four years that reward is cut in half.  We call that a Halving.  So in 2012, 2016, and in 2020 the amount of bitcoin created per day has been cut in half.  Now that number is 900 Bitcoin per day.  By sometime in 2140 there will be no more Bitcoin produced.  Thus, it gets scarcer every four years yet demand for Bitcoin is at all time highs right now.  Because of the effects of Corona Virus.