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How is Bitcoin Neutral?

Bitcoin is decentralized.  No central bank controls it. Therefore, it cannot be inflated, and it cannot be deflated by a central bank authority anywhere in the World.  US inflationary or deflationary threats are more real now than at anytime in the past several decades.  Bitcoin allows a citizen to put bitcoin in their online or offline wallet with no threat of that from any central bank.  It appreciates faster than stocks over the past 10 years plus, and it can be transferred instantly online.  Bitcoin is not associated with any political party, or country, or person.  The people’s money.  Assets like a stock or a house appreciate.  But it can be expensive to invest in those things.  Bitcoin appreciates more than those other assets (the last 10 years) but you can buy $5 worth of it.  Buy Bitcoin with Neutral ATM, the people’s money.