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Is inflation not a form of slavery?  Below is from
Basically, money gives a person the ability to choose how they live, work, where they go.  The poor do not get to make these choices as freely.  Therefore, money allows more freedom for an individual.  When a central bank prints more money, freedom is lost.  Why?  Because, the future purchasing power of money is lost, therefore, freedom.  Per average inflation in the US has been 3.75% over the past 50 years.  Now in 2021, the following is true, view on twitter.
When inflation for 2021 is counted next year, how high will it be?  By the way, Bitcoin grew 875% over the last year.  Compare that to the above inflation numbers. 
M1 and M2 money supply are no longer being tracked on, yet they were until a month or so ago. is now shut down, yet it showed that in 2020, US inflation was 10% to 14% depending on geography.  That site measured real inflation (food, cell phone bills, utilities, gas, rent, mortgage payments, hotel, car rental, uber, etc).  CPI inflation which you will see on the wall street journal online is 2.5%.  It was recently 1.4%, last month.  CPI, as we have reported in older blogs, is ratioing to 1982-1984 inflation levels in their formula.  This leads to willful mis-information.  Many Americans think inflation is around 2% when it is much, much higher than that.  Then, you throw in political talk of covid relief bills, forgiving college tuition debt, and universal basic income.  The Fed can barely afford to keep up with yield curve control.  QE occurs because 30 year treasury bonds would go up if the Fed did not buy them back, and create bank reserves for commercial banks to lend money with.  This is a vicious cycle of defeat for the Federal Reserve.  More QE over time will be required to keep 30 and 10 year bond rates from climbing fast!  Inflation is ramping up now, and will continue.  Eventually, the USD will lose so much purchasing power, that alternatives will be required.  USDC (US digital currency) is one such option:
Circulating supply of USDC has climbed rapidly.  Stablecoins which are pegged to the USD 1:1 are growing in popularity.  Stablecoins can be used to recover yield payed in Bitcoin.  Basically, investors can mine their fiat currency, by converting it to USDC, get an 8% yield, and have that payed in Bitcoin for them to HODL long term.  Commercial banks are paying 0.5% on average for money market accounts.  Makes no sense.  Fiat mining makes sense though.  See  In 2022 and beyond, Bitcoin will gain in adoption, which it has done faster than any asset in history so far.  Inflation will increase at ever faster rates in 2022 and beyond.  Neutral ATM sees this as THE hedge to protect investors of all ages from the ravages of inflation.  If you save your money and work hard, inflation will PUNISH you for doing the right thing for your family and MSM helps spread a lot of mis-information about inflation!  Time to take back your freedom.  Buy and hold Bitcoin!
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