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Float Over the Top, with Bitcoin

Bitcoin will eventually stop the sideways consolidation it has been stuck in since early 2021.  There has been massive manipulation since the Bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC only came back for Future’s ETF’s and no Spot ETF’s.  That was spring 2021.  Yet, since the Ukraine Russia crisis kicked off a week ago, Bitcoin has pumped quite a bit, and the inflation narrative is getting stronger, since the rate hike narrative has weakened.  Investors will have to wait this choppy price action out.  We have to remain patient.  We must look at the big picture.  See this zoomed out chart dating back to 2017 for a big picture view:


Neutral ATM - Float Over the Top, with Bitcoin


It is important to remember the true value of Bitcoin as we remain patient, waiting out this consolidation in the above chart.  Bitcoin has been the best hedge from inflation, civil unrest, black swan events, and it is unseizable.  In a few months we could add War to that list.  It has only been a week since this crisis kicked off and we don’t know where it will lead.  Bitcoin protects a family and their wealth like the Ark during flood.  See below: