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Election Impact on Global Macro, Bitcoin, Investing

The chart below shows us the Fed balance sheet.  Since Covid 19 started in March it has added about 3.2 Trillion in stimulus and QE:


Money supply growth has slowed down since July because the pending election kept any stimulus bills from getting through the Senate.  However, after the election, probably 2021 but it may still happen this year, the Fed balance sheet will explode.  Neutral ATM feels 2021 will be worse than 2020 economically.  It is unclear what impact Covid 19 will have, but it could make it worse.  Lockdowns continue, there has been timid job creation but unemployment will remain very high for the foreseeable future.  As this money supply growth kicks back off next year, this will make Gold, Silver, and especially Bitcoin look so much more valuable when priced in USD.  In October Bitcoin priced in Gold has been very strong and Bitcoin’s dominance of the other Alt Coins has grown as well.  Of the uncorrelated assets that will help any investor recover and thrive in this environment, Bitcoin is by far the strongest.  October has really proven that point, even though September was a bad month for Bitcoin.  It consolidated for 5 weeks and then some, then broke out big Tuesday and especially Wednesday. 


“Ive never had an inflation hedge where you have a kicker that you also have great intellectual capital behind it.  When you short the bond market as an inflation hedge you’re really betting on the fallacy of mankind rather than it’s ingenuity.”

“I came to the conclusion that Bitcoin was going to be the best of the inflation trades, the defensive trades”

“Bitcoin has a lot of charactoristics of being an early investor in a tech company, it’s like investing with Steve Jobs and Apple”
Paul Tudor Jones on CNBC


Countries where Bitcoin has already reached its all time high (ATH):

  • Brazil - pop. 209million 
  • Turkey - pop. 82m 
  • Argentina - pop. 44.5m 
  • Sudan - pop. 41m 
  • Angola - pop. 30m 
  • Venezuala - pop. 29m 
  • Zambia - pop. 17m 


As currencies lose buying power hard assets gain value.  That needs to be a thesis among investors in this environment!  Otherwise, assets tied to the Central Bank like stocks are higher risk than hard assets.  Neutral ATM offers the service of ATM’s to buy and sell Bitcoin.  However, we are trying to project the notion of investing in hard assets.  Here are examples we have been using:

  • Bitcoin – Neutral ATM for smaller amounts you pay tax on your gains, BitcoinIRA for tax deferred investing.
  • Ethereum – Neutral ATM for smaller amounts you pay tax on your gains, BitcoinIRA for tax deferred investing.
  • Gold – Gold, Sprott Global, and Bitcoin IRA for tax deferred investing.
  • Silver – Gold and Sprott Global for smaller amounts and tax deferred investing.
  • Real Estate –, Multi Family and rural land are the areas we work on.  
  • Fine Art – for tax deferred investing through AltoIRA.  AltoIRA also offers fractional farmland ownership.  Masterworks offers fractional fine art ownership.

Anyone can invest like this.  You don’t need to be a millionaire to do it.  Waiting on the markets to improve or for the next stimulus is not what we are about.  We hedge.  Our returns have averaged +20% up to +100% since March 13th when the crash started.  Stock ETF’s are not getting these returns and they are higher risk.  Especially when the Fed goes to negative interest rates.  Asset inflation instead of CPI inflation.  Measuring correctly is the difference.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.


Give Neutral ATM a try.  We have low rates, convenient locations and we are expanding. Contact Neutral ATM, we will answer all your questions about Bitcoin and using our ATM machines. Find a Neutral ATM Bitcoin machine location near you.