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Dangerous MACD 3 Day Cross, Bitcoin’s Reaction?

Bitcoin can age you.  It’s just a fact.  So please, zoom out and look long term!  Here were common reactions to Bitcoin investing over the past 12 years:


Documenting Bitcoin (@DocumentingBTC) Tweeted:

  • 2010: "A bitcorn?"
  • 2011: "No one uses it"
  • 2012: "Only nerds use it"
  • 2013: "Only criminals use it"
  • 2014: "Only libertarians use it"
  • 2017: "Only speculators use it"
  • 2019: "Only a small % of people use it"
  • 2020: "Only small companies use it"
  • 2021: "Only small countries use it"

So far, El Salvador, Ukraine, and Madaira, Portugal have made it legalized tender.  Many other countries are voting on that, it gets political.  We will announce them as they happen.  What is not volatile and all over the map, is Bitcoin blocks being produced and the block reward being cut in half.  See this chart to visualize it.  The Block rewards are programmed in.  They cannot be changed: 


Neutral ATM Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Dangerous MACD 3 Day Cross, Bitcoin’s Reaction?


So, in 2024 around April or May that is the next Bitcoin halving.  Whenever they reach block number 210,000.  The miner reward is cut in half and another round of supply shock hits the market.  It used to take 18 to 24 months to reach the peak of the bull market.  24 months will be May 11th.  That is in under a month.  Hard to say whether Bitcoin is going to dump or not with this MACD cross luming in May 2022.  We will discuss that later.  For now, look at the realized market capitalization chart.  It stairsteps up with each halving and you can see the stairs are getting less steep.  It is noticeable that the peak of each market top, is where the realized cap goes from a major uptrend to sideways.  See the chart below: