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Choppy Waters Ahead! Stocks in Big Trouble!

SP500 is down 1%, DJIA is down .64%, and Nasdaq is down 2.2% today.  While BTC is up slightly still in the $13,500 range and looking bullish.  It is trading in a range into the weekend.  Hopefully the breakout is Monday because weekend breakouts lack the volume to be sustainable.  At any rate, Bitcoin looks good in a symmetrical triangle with an obvious breakout coming in a few days time.  The stock exchanges are the opposite.  We have seen a double top and this last two days of October are a likely time to see the market roll over and excellerate negative.  Bob Kendall who is a TA stock analyst along with Steven Van Mytre, and Raoul Pal all agree.  We follow global macro analysts to get the big picture.  For a month we have shown graphs on M2 money supply, debt to gdp ratios nearing 140%, and interest rates at all time lows.  With no new stimulus coming until 2021, now is the time for stocks to roll over to the downside.  We have hinted at it for a while now.  Today, we see enough in the charts to call it!  So why suffer through what will likely be a very tough 2021 in stocks when Gold and Silver are looking to break out, Ethereum as well.  Most importantly, Bitcoin has already broken out and looks to hit $14,300 Sunday or hopefully Monday after this present symmetrical triangle it is trading in.  Long term, here is a chart that predicts how long the Bitcoin bull run will last: 


Thanks to Russian Bear for this chart.  It predicts 504 days from the halving to the all time high (ATH) in October 2021.  It takes the halving date from the last cycle to the last ATH, then extrapolates that number of days from the halving to the next ATH.  So October 2021 is what this predicts.  Here is a similar chart:


519 days from the halving to ATH is where this chart lands.  Thanks to BTC Jack for this chart.  So 4th Qtr 2021 looks good for the bull run cycle top.  Patience is critical to play this bull market.  Neutral ATM does not trade short term cycles we dollar cost average in and hold long term.  But having an exit strategy is paramount.  Next year will be very critical in assessing where we are in the cycle as 4th Quarter 2021 gets closer.  In the meantime,  Ethereum, Gold, Gold Miners (Franco Nevada), Silver and Fine Art are smart investments to diversify into, outside of Bitcoin.  But as we state on most blogs, Bitcoin is the fastest growth investment vehicle in the world.  Ethereum is second.  We invest with that in mind.  Do your own research, but keep in mind.  Crypto Currency markets ryme with past markets very much so.  Therefore, timing is a an element that must be understood when investing in Crypto Currency.  We may talk more about gold miners in future blogs.  That is an area we have not covered as much so far.  As stocks take on more and more risk to investors, uncorrelated investments become more attractive and gold miners are part of that.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.


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