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CBDC Tyranny, Got Bitcoin?

The merger of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and policing, that is the epitome of what CBDC (central bank digital currency) is!  Thanks to the research, and hard work of Ms. Natalie Smolenski, we have this video to further describe the tyranny of CBDC:

She describes surveillance capitalism.  Surveillance is automated, accelerating, accurate, accumulating, aggregating, actualizing, persistent, pervasive, and profitable!  

“Four horseman of the Infocalypse:
Terrorists, Pedophiles, Drug dealers, Money launderers”

Timothy May (Cypherpunk, 1994)

Non identity, CBDC accounts, are being capped at $500 in some countries.  Yet the average checking account balance is $5,300.  So this brings about concerning levels of surveillance.  It started with the establishment of FinCEN (1990), and then the Patriot Act (2001).  There are 11 countries who have actually launched a CBDC.  17 countries are piloting a CBDC.  33 countries are developing a CBDC.  39 countries are researching a CBDC.

Government will not regulate, or curtail itself! Censorship resistant digital currency, that is stateless at the protocol level, is precisely what makes Bitcoin different than every altcoin, every fiat currency, and every tangible asset!

Do not make the mistake, of thinking that your money is safe in a bank.  FDIC is absolutely broke!  They insure $9 trillion in deposits, with only $125 billion in total assets.  Get decentralized!  Go stateless!  Hold Bitcoin!  Keep it offline!  Use these companies for buying an offline wallet, or (Unchained) moving a 401K into Bitcoin:


Keep an eye on Levelfield Financial, they are trying to get a bank charter to allow banking with Bitcoin, even sat earning credit cards.  Waiting on SEC approval for that.

We will leave you with Chris Giancarlo predicting:
“In 15 years the US will operate in a CBDC world, whether we like it or not”

Natalie Smolenski predicts:
“Many people will get a surprise CBDC account opened for them at their bank, complete with a -2% interest rate, in order to recoup some of the sovereign debt at that bank.  This will cause many to flock to Bitcoin, not out of love for Bitcoin, but out of survival”.

We are not financial advisors and this is not financial advise.  CBDC Tyranny is coming.  The sovereign debt crisis is coming.  There WILL BE bank bail ins, there WILL BE surprise CBDC accounts set up at banks.  This is the central bank having direct financial surveillance of your financial transactions, and your social media presence.

If they don’t agree with your views, your CBDC account is cut off.  We cannot stop this from coming, but we can go decentralized, and stateless!


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