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Buying Power and Decentralization; is the value Bitcoin has

This is what is happening in China at Banks.  Withdrawals not being allowed.  Now the CCP has tanks in front of their banks. Withdrawals halted since March and April 2022, click here to view on twitter.


CBDC (central bank digital currency) looks like this video, also from China, click here to view on twitter.


Does that help it make more sense why decentralized money is a good thing?  We are not saying this will happen in the US.  Simply that decentralization is gaining in popularity and adoption globally, and videos like the above two are the reason why.  Also, the US dollar is gaining a lot of strength as we have reported on the DXY charts.  This is the USD index.  It compares the dollar to these other currencies.  Below is the breakdown of currencies measured against the USD:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Buying Power and Decentralization; is the value Bitcoin has:

The dollar strengthening as inflation ravages other foreign markets and countries, is a way to keep the monetary system together as it transitions into CBDC.  Crashing foreign bond markets, while continuing quantitative easing solves a few problems for the US.  It strengthens US bonds, while weakening foreign bonds.

Also, the QE (Fed buying US bonds at $13.7 Billion per month) is one factor, creating the inflation ravaging foreign markets.  Now Panama has fallen into collapse with out of control rioting over inflation.  As the USD keeps gaining strength, while inflation increases.  This will melt all global currencies into the US Dollar!  Also known as the Dollar Milkshake Theory.  In this Crypto Zombie provided chart below.  We see the DXY is at resistance and has NOT broken through.  What will happen if the DXY (always the inverse of Bitcoin), does eventually break through resistance, AND inflation keeps rising?  Here is the DXY resistance chart:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Buying Power and Decentralization; is the value Bitcoin has:


In our opinion, it is likely inflation keeps rising along with the DXY chart.  Also meaning, the rate hikes continue, even if they get smaller into the 4th quarter 2022.  If DXY strength and inflation are simultaneously happening.  This can and will lead to capital flight!  We know the 4 day death cross is happening today or by Friday.  Since 2009, this death cross (on the Bitcoin chart), has confirmed a market bottom, usually a 40 days after it already happened.  We know capitulation from miners is close to if not already complete.  There is very little Bitcoin left to sell.  The last two days Bitcoin has been up 2% to 3%.  Mark Moss, in the chart below explains, a double bottom has formed on the Bitcoin chart.  There is very little Bitcoin left on exchanges to capitulate with.  Thus, miner capitulation is pretty much over.  Could the supply shock we have mentioned for 8 months be starting to take shape now?:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Buying Power and Decentralization; is the value Bitcoin has:


We don’t know the answer.  There is a confluence of events coming together for the fall 2022.  We have been saying for a month plus the bottom is in.  We find it next to impossible to predict what Bitcoin will do next.  This is a very volatile time we are in.  Bitcoin will have to show us after the fact.  We just know, being invested heavily in it now, is the best choice, since the bottom is apparently in.  From here, we do not know what will happen next!  This is not financial advise, we are not financial advisors.  We feel confident in the 4 day death cross.  It is a key indicator of bottoms, as a confirmation: