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Bitcoin Will Shock Everyone!

It already has.  Question is, in what way will it shock everyone.  Plan B has this chart for price prediction for after the 2020 halving:

Based on what we see in the charts.  For this cycle, red line on the above chart, Bitcoin is most likely to top in between the light green line of $100K and the dark green line of $288K.  We have had hopes of $200K plus or even $300K price levels.  However, realistically, with the futures ETF, and now pensions (Houston Firefighters Pension Fund) buying up Bitcoin.  This will stabilize the Bitcoin market and keep it more tempered.  We predicted $160K to $220K beginning early summer 2021.  We have kept it in that range ever since.  Anyone can speculate that the bull market will rage to incredible heights.  However, the structure of the market, and the chance this second leg is nowhere near as pronounced, as the 2013 second leg of the bull run was.  That leads us to this next chart from Crypto Crew University, who is the best at timing market tops and bottoms.  No emotion, just reading the charts and predicting Bitcoin’s rythm.   We are not worried about one number, one prediction.  Bitcoin could wick up to $160K with no issue.  Yet, here is what the emotionless chart says to us:

We predict the shock Bitcoin will provide, is the sudden jump up, and the sudden crash back down.  Therefore, understanding market tops is very important.  Based on the charts, we feel comfortable reducing our previous prediction to $135K to $190K.  We have tried to be careful, we see Bitcoin wicking up higher than this chart shows, but well below many of the predictions out there.  Our job is to warn, educate, and bring comfort to the hedging capabilities Bitcoin has.  However, it will always fall short of an emotional, religious experience for us.  It is a hedge.  We cannot provide financial advise, we can only guide, and give out good information.  There is too much emotion in FOMO (fear of missing out).  Investors need to have NO emotion.  We firmly reject the notion that Bitcoin will hit a supercycle and stay above $200K.  There will be a blow off top.  It may take until January but it could happen sooner than expected, which is what the chart above is saying.  
This is an exciting time, as Bitcoin bounces off of $60K this weekend, and is aiming for $64K - $65K.  We just have to keep emotions under control and in check.  Many investors will not be able to do this!  Don’t be one of them!  Below is the chart for Bitcoin’s next break out.  Perhaps it will break $70K late this week.  Just don’t let that sway you into thinking it’s breaking $250K, because it broke $70K so soon!:

Reality checks need to happen in good times and in bad times.  Good news is, this reality check is in good times. There is still a chance to buy Bitcoin cheap, and hedge this out of control inflation.  Don’t let the last chance pass you by. 

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