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Bitcoin, Why it is Imparative for Humanity

The media protects central bankers, and their organizations, which each have control over different aspects of society.  For example, Klaus Schwaub owns a leadership training council which has put out such leaders as Christine Legarde, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkal, Agustin Carstens, and many other political leaders.  Many are in unelected positions.  For example, the ECB, BIS, and Central Bank Presidents are all appointed not elected.  

In the following chart it details the global public private partnership.  This chart is hard to swallow, but it is true.  Central Banks and the BIS have TOO much power.  They are appointed not elected, and central banks are private.  All the policy makers in this chart are private.  Private companies, appointing leaders, training up future leaders to be policy distributors, policy enforcers, and in some cases, policy propagandists.  Here is the chart:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin, Why it is Imparative for Humanity

China stopped Evergrande foreign investor payments over 10 weeks ago.  The central banks are attempting, right now, to dismantle the economies of the world.  All foreign investors to Evergrande will NOT get paid.  Europe is at negative bond yields, and the US is catching up, (US Bond real yields averaging -0.8%).  

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin, Why it is Imparative for Humanity

Now the US plans to raise rates in a negative real yield global environment?  Why would they do this knowing it will cause a crash?  To dismantle the economy.  What other reason could explain a decision like this?  If the world rushes into the dollar to get better yields, that will cause borrowing rates to skyrocket and the deflationary crash begins.  What does this lead to?  An alternative system, decentralized, unconfiscatable, as long as the property is stored offline, with private keys.  This property (asset) is Bitcoin.  Bitcoin cannot be hacked if it’s stored offline.  The miners and node operators vote on the protocol for Bitcoin.  No country or entity or person has any control over it.  This will cause demand.  Scared money will continue to rush into Bitcoin.  Loss of faith in governments (central planners), is the reason for this.  Metcalfe’s Law will mean the following for Bitcoin.  A price breakout, when it does happen, will kick off another S curve to the upside, more demand means a higher Bitcoin price.  Metcalfe’s Law.  It’s a feedback loop.  We see evidence this is going on now, despite the price suppression in Bitcoin these last two months.  This article below shows Bitmex a Bitcoin exchange is buying a large German bank.  They expect it to be final in mid 2022, click here to read more

The fastest growing companies in the world now, are Crypto exchanges.  Binnance, Coinbase, and FTX have seen incredible growth in such short timeframes.  Historically, no company has grown at the rate Binnance has, ever.  We know the price does not reflect the incredible adoption Bitcoin is seeing.  However, as yesterday’s blog stated, we are at or near a Bitcoin bottom right now it appears.  See this chart, Bitcoin is extremely oversold:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin, Why it is Imparative for Humanity

We live in a Dystopian world now.  Nothing is as it appears in a chart, or a news article.  Patience and fortitude are required.  Yet, Bitcoin is seeing Insurance companies buying it up faster than any other buyers.  While open interest (derivatives either long or short) are at all time highs.  This means when the shorts do get liquidated, perhaps in February, Bitcoin will turn up big time.  This consolidation started in November, but there was a previous consolidation from May to October, 2021.  Bitcoin will win in the end.  It is only a matter of time!  When it does it will create an option for humanity to hedge this inflation which is only getting worse.  If we are wrong about the Fed reversing course, and we actually see higher rates 3 or 4 times in 2022.  The upheaval will be hard for humanity.  And there sits Bitcoin.  An answer.  A way to decentralize, be unconfiscatable.  Scared money will run to Bitcoin over Gold.  Ethereum will benefit as well.  

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