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Bitcoin, we have an alternative monetary system

Bitcoin is a decentralized monetary system which is separate and apart from central banks.  That is it’s most critical, and important function.  The blockchain is simply the public ledger which makes it possible to track every Bitcoin, forever.  The public ledger is transparent, and the epitomy of a free market.  CBDC (central bank digital currency) is fiat currency on the blockchain.  It is NOT decentralized.  Thus, we keep calling Bitcoin the lifeboat.  It is the only decentralized public ledger in which one can truly get decentralized and escape the central bank.  This includes CBDC.  CBDC is something from which all citizens will eventually realize, they need to escape from.  The lifeboat from that system, is Bitcoin.  That is why decentralization is what seperates Bitcoin from Crypto or from Gold, for that matter.  No altcoin is decentralized, they all have owners.  Not Bitcoin.  There is no owner or individual founder of Bitcoin.  Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared in 2010, never to return or move any Bitcoin from the blockchain.  Gold cannot be transported, it is only a store of value.  Bitcoin is a medium of exchange now, thanks to the lightening network.  This is why Bitcoin is the lifeboat from the legacy monetary system.  As bonds lose value, and the rate hikes the US Fed announces, continue to strengthen the US dollar.  That is going to trap Europe and they will run to the USD (flight to safety).  However, as inflation keeps increasing (QE is ongoing), will there not be a flight to better stores of value?  Gold and Bitcoin will likely be the best stores of value.  Bitcoin has 10X outperformed Gold the last decade.  So, we pick Bitcoin.  Diversify into both, plus land, classic cars, anything scarce!  


Here is an example of what we are talking about.  The chart below is the 10 year treasury yield.  10 yr yields have been in a descending channel since about 1986!  Will these rate hikes that have spiked yields above this channel trend line, for the first time since 1987, be a trend reversal?  No.  We see QE and rates close to zero becoming the norm once this transition completes.  Until then there will be chop, and volatility!  Yields have been droping for over 36 years straight!  Inflation is here to stay.  That is why we need Bitcoin!  Here is the 10 yr yields chart below:  


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin, we have an alternative monetary system


Below is the Bitcoin rainbow chart.  At $22K to $23K where Bitcoin is trending now it is in “firesale” territory.  When will it be at maximum bubble territory?  2024 or early 2025 is our opinion.  Based on four year cycles.  The next halving is 1st Qtr 2024.  Then it’s a year or more until the top of the market.  Here is the Bitcoin rainbow chart below:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin, we have an alternative monetary system


Steve Courtney has a good couple of charts for spotting when we get back into bull market territory again.  This chart below shows the 200 day moving average, and when Bitcoin price uses that as support.  We are bull again.  Right now, we are still well below it:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin, we have an alternative monetary system


Next we see the gausian channel.  We dropped into the gausian channel in May 2021, then came out of it in September, and created the all time high on November 9th.  Since January 2021, we have been back in the gausian channel.  Until we break above the gausian channel trend line and turn from red to green.  We are still in a bear market.