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Bitcoin was Humanitarian at $3k, it still is at $67K

Bitcoin will change your life.  No charts today!  Bitcoin has broken the all time high of $64,829!  It’s blowing through $67K like a hot knife through butter!  Today is a celebration!  Wall Street tried to kill Bitcoin, so did China, and many others.  But Bitcoin is made of math, and cannot be killed.  The math is an algorithm creating new blocks every 10 minutes.  Governments and Central Banks are powerless to stop an algorithm!!!  Bitcoin is for everyone, view on twitter.
So if your in Venezuela and live on a dirt floor.  Or Mozambique, Nepal, or Uganda.  If you just crossed the Rio Grande into Texas for the first time.  Bitcoin is for you.  It’s for Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey too. 
To us the reason Bitcoin is so special.  Is it’s enate ability to be a secure store of value, in which one can actually save their money with little manipulation.  Central authorities manipulate, however, when an asset is controlled by milliions of miners and node operators globally in over 140 countries, it cannot be centrally controlled.  Although Governments and Central Banks do not like this.  Bitcoin is immune from scary news cycles, economic oppression, even futures ETF’s that can be used to increase shorting of the asset.  Bitcoin is so scarce, due to the mining reward being cut in half every 210K blocks produced on the blockchain.  That even allout assaults with short trading cannot bring Bitcoin to $0.  It has crashed 80% but not to $0.  It is volatile, but never crashed to $0.  Bitcoin will be around a long time.  Longer than fiat currency in our opinion.  Time will tell.  Never before in human history has an economic asset been invented that is this scarce and fungible (easy to carry), built from math equations in blocks.  These blocks, then stored on a blockchain, can only be governed by all the people contributing to the blockchain.  Miners and node operators.  Neutral ATM now operates a node.  We will try to mine in the near future as well.  If we can be a part of the blockchain anyone can.  It is not hard.  By operating a node or mining Bitcoin, you are part of it’s security.  This keeps it from being hacked, shut down, or interrupted in any way.  Bitcoin has turned around many lives because the investor is not allowing fiat currency to devalue their savings.  We extend that into other investments like Real Estate.  If the monetary devaluation caused by money printing with no end is going to continue, store wealth in Bitcoin, invest in Real Estate, Art, Gold, Silver, Ethereum.  Any asset that has scarcity and demand at the same time.  Gold, Silver are heavily manipulated with paper derivative contracts, but even that cannot stop those assets from appreciating when inflation gets bad enough!  Bitcoin will always be the king among hedge assets, for the foreseeable future.  Yet the act of hedging against monetary devaluation brings about freedom!  This is because as the currency loses more and more value, it pumps scarce assets with high demand, and it is not hard to see what those assets are.  Look for them!  Research them!  We are a research tool trying to help you on your journey.  Buy and hold Bitcoin, LONGTERM.  Although this is not financial advise.  It is helpful.  Short term trading does not work very often, hold Bitcoin for the longer time periods.  Nobody knows how high this bull market will go!

Neutral ATM buys and sells Bitcoin as little as $20 at a time!  You do NOT have to buy an entire Bitcoin.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.


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