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Bitcoin; the ONLY revolt against CBDC’s that will actually work!

"Money is becoming traceable, programmable, and manipulatable, which can pose many dilemmas and dangers in society." 
MAHIR ALKAYA - Socialist Party, member of the Netherlands House of Representatives and author.     


“If we carry on going down on the same path that we have become used to, and younger generations just take for granted, we are all absolutely going to be royally screwed, privacy wise, human rights wise, even democrately.” 
Annie Machon – Former MI5 intelligence officer, writer and public speaker

We have written many blogs about CBDC.  However, when comparing that digital currency to Bitcoin in detail.  You uncover stark contrasts!  

Jamaica, Bahamas, Netherlands, UK, China are all trailing CBDC at this present time.  CBDC links your bank account to all of your social media accounts, and your vaccine status.  If you post what your nation state views as inappropriate, by their measures, they can shut off access to your bank account.  It is all linked and CBDC is centralized.  Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has mulit lateral sovereign immunity from all laws.  They are unelected, and they control all central banks.  One of the biggest CBDC proponents is Augustus Carstens, who is President of BIS.  Contrast that with Bitcoin.  Satoshi Nakamoto is a group, no one was ever identified.  After mining the original blocks of 1 million Bitcoin in 2009-2010, Satoshi Nakamoto never sold any Bitcoin.  Then, he/she/they disappeared, never to be heard from again, in 2010.  Therefore, Bitcoin has no overarching board of directors, it has no owners, or controllers.  It is peer to peer digital money on a public blockchain.  CBDC is centrally controlled, and seeks to destroy all cash and go to a cashless, digital society, globally.  

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, 32% of all transactions used cash.  Today, only 20% of all transactions use cash.  It is known as a war on cash, launched by BIS, IMF, WHO, UN, and NATO.  To counteract this war on cash.  Bitcoin allows European protestors to use Bitcoin which cannot be shut down.  Case in point. Canada, during the trucker rally, 2021.  Protestors accounts were shut down, but they still received donations via Bitcoin, and if they kept the Bitcoin offline, PM Trudeau could not shut it down.  Some protestors kept Bitcoin online in hot wallets.  A lot of that was shut down, but the offline wallets remained untouched.  Recall our blogs showing the offline wallet in Canada, numchuk.  They would not reveal information about their users of their offline wallet.  In fact, they had no information to provide the authorities, see the letter below:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin; the ONLY revolt against CBDC’s that will actually work!

Then see this from Gold Telegraph, today:

“The CEO of Bank of America says they are preparing for a possible United States debt default. This is the second largest bank in the United States. This circus is coming to town.”

What does all this mean.  There is a war on cash.  CBDC will be an “attempted” roll out.  IT WILL FAIL!  It has to fail.  Tyranny through digital money has no place in humanity.  Bitcoin is the revolt that will begin to stop CBDC.  The BRICS reserve currency is another avenue which at least provides a stop gap to using CBDC.  BRICS proposes Bitcoin for international settlements.  This would counter act CBDC and buy time for the adoption of Bitcoin to reach a critical mass, which could take decades!

We have questions about the Levelfield roll out of a chartered bank dealing in Bitcoin.  However, if this passes regulatory muster and rolls out unfetered.  That would be a big step.  We will ask questions, and understand this more thouroghly over the next few months.  We know Caitlin Long’s Custodia Bank in Wyoming is suing the FED, over the delays in approving their Bank Charter.   

Caitlin Long provides this from the Federal Reserve that may very well provide insight, as to the future of Bank Charters, for Banks offering digital financial services, click here to read more.


If cash is becoming slowly phased out, buying Bitcoin KYC free, and holding it in an offline wallet, will become paramount.  That is where Neutral ATM fits into this.  Using cash, which is untraceable, is not a bad idea, neither is KYC free Bitcoin.  Just keep it offline.  This financial war between BRICS, CBDC, and Bitcoin will be a site to behold.  In the end, Bitcoin wins.  We are not financial advisors and this is not financial advise.  Save in Bitcoin but keep it offline and never waiver from that ideal!  Here are three companies that can help you do that, Levelfield will be the fourth, once their bank goes online:


Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.  


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