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Bitcoin the Liferaft

We have said repeatedly in our blogs, Bitcoin is humanitarian.  Everyday Americans can short run institutional investors, pensions, central banks, and the early investors even short ran hedge funds to gain Bitcoin positions cheap.  The stock to flow model shows how Bitcoin goes through bull markets after every halving.  The next dots on this chart will be orange and then red:


This next chart shows the different stages of Bitcoin cycles (bull, bear, accumulation, expansion, re-accumulation).  It shows how despite future retracements and pull backs, which will happen, Bitcoin is less than halfway through this bull run.  It has a long way to run:

Why is Bitcoin a liferaft?  We already showed M1, M2 money supply charts growing out of control like never before in history.  We showed the M2v (velocity of money) chart, showing the drastic drop off in how fast money is being spent.  Called velocity of money.  Now the Biden administration is planning UBI and perpetual stimulus and money printing far beyond what Trump did.  Bitcoin will keep gaining value and USD loses all value.  Our currency debasement has accelerated throughout 2020 and will speed up in 2021 unless something drastic changes.  Buy Bitcoin and protect your buying power.  Neutral ATM sells and buys Bitcoin as little as $20 at a time!  You do NOT have to buy an entire Bitcoin. 

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