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Bitcoin & the Financial War!

Right now New York is attempting to attack Bitcoin mining by proposing a ban on proof of work mining.  Obviously, many have proven all over the internet, what a farce it is to say,  Bitcoin is bad for the environment.  Bitcoin mining uses wasted energy, and is 70% renewable energy going into it’s mining.  Without Bitcoin mining being proof of work, it would be like all centralized crypto coins, that can be 100% controlled by a government, or group of individuals.  Bitcoin’s appeal is it’s scarcity, and decentralization from government control.  Unfortunately, at times the media gets negative on Bitcoin, and this New York mining ban is one such example.  There are examples going the opposite direction as well.  For example, Central African Republic has passed a bill to regulate Bitcoin and make it a legal tender, click here to read more.


We have to realize, Bitcoin is dangerous to the central banks control over nation states!  It is dangerous and will be attacked!  The people it is dangerous to is not you and I.  It is the global central banks, IMF, BIS (bank of international settlements).  They control all banks.  All central banks are private, they are behind most media corporations globally as well.  Getting decentralized is very smart.  This next chart is a great example of why.  

World super powers are created from their currency.  Yet, in each case the currency dies in about 100 years on average.  The US dollar has had a central bank since 1913.  It has been global reserve currency since 1944.  With Russia and China accepting oil in other currencies, the USD is on a short leasch now.  It does’nt have much time!:

Neutral ATM Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin and the Financial War!


The Fed is hiking rates in 2022.  This is obvious.  We hear it will be 50 bps in May, and we got 25 bps in mid March already.  Historically, when the Fed has hiked rates in the past, 10 out of 13 times they did it.  Ended in a recession.  10 out of 13.  Here is the chart tracking that below:

Neutral ATM Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin and the Financial War!


We very much see a recession coming.  Fall 2022 or Fall 2023.  Either one is possible.  Too soon to discuss that now.  What we do know, is the USD is in real trouble.  The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are not going along with the Globalists!  The G20 countries want MMT (modern monetary theory), while the BRICS countries are using there own currencies and stocking up on Gold and mining Bitcoin!  Who will win this financial war?  

Whoever supports Bitcoin the best, and successfully hedges inflation best as a nation state, or group of nation states.  See this tweet from Guy Swann below:

At 8% yearly inflation: 

“After 9 years, a $1,000,000 retirement/pension, will only have $472K in purchasing power. The real inflation rate (measured by 1990s rules) is closer to 15%. In 9 years that $1Mil becomes $213K People don’t understand how much they are being robbed.”

Since Rubles and Yuan are being used to trade Oil and not dollars.  What will that do to the USD long term?  At some point, in the not too distant future.  Central banks are going to begin rolling out CBDC (central bank digital currency) as a replacement for fiat currency.  CBDC is a Globalist power move to gain full control over global economies.  All CBDC is a digital version of fiat currency.  It is still issued by a central bank.  The main difference is CBDC has tracking capabilities fiat currency does not.  If the central bank does not like your social media traffic or what your social credit score is, they can cut off all access to your CBDC.  They control the purse strings 100%.  So be careful what you allow to have control over your purse strings, which is to say, your money!  CBDC will most likely end up the resolution after this recession we have been predicting.  Yet when you compare CBDC, to USD it is the same in terms of monetary dilution.  The only money that is not diluted over decades is a scarce hard money like Bitcoin.  Even Gold does not stand up over enough years, see this chart below: