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Bitcoin and the Currency Wars!

This blog is no April fools joke!  The Biden administration has now announced the strategic petroleum reserve will be used to lower gas prices.  Notice the spike in 2020 when the SPR was increased dramatically.  Since 01/2021 it has been dropping and now they are ramping up to 1 million barrels per month!  This will gut the supply part of the supply demand equation for the cost of gasoline in the US.  Expect Gas prices to go parabolic when this supply gets low enough.  When?  Could be 2023 until that happens.  Inflation is going come back big when this SPR level gets so low, that it breaks the supply demand equation.  Supply demand sets the price of Gasoline in the US.  Once that is broken, whenever that occurs, the gasoline and WTI crude price will spike.  This would drag inflation up with it.  This gives us no pleasure to report, if there is little to no SPR left in the US.  Gas prices could eventually double!  From where they are now!  Then, CPI would be 16% and real inflation 32% to 40%!  We hate to even think about that as a reality.  Here is a chart on SPR inventory levels going back to 2000.   


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin and the Currency Wars!


Below is a zerohedge article about which major currencies will fail first.  It focuses on the Euro.  Click here to read this article. 


Now that Russia is only selling it’s Oil for Rubles.  Europe will have to purchase the Oil in Rubles.  Yet, today Germany is saying they will only pay in Euros.  Putin will not ship the Oil or Gas if that is the case.  Only if paid in Rubles.  Thus, the US and European sanctions against Russia have directly led to currency wars and now, Europe facing the potential of no oil or gas from Russia.

This is going to lead directly to political unrest and hyperinflation, for European countries unless a resolution is met.  Meanwhile, below is a chart on the Ruble:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin and the Currency Wars!


It has completely recovered from these sanctions against the Ruble, because it is now backed by Gold.  Meanwhile, this next article shows Evgeny Grabchak, the Russian Finance Minister is demanding that Putin allow Russia to begin mining Bitcoin, as an alternative currency!  This will lead to legal tender status in Russia, or at least that stands to reason.  Again, we don’t know the timing.  Click here to see this article, very important!


The globalists will try to introduce CBDC, central bank digital currency.  Below are two advertisements showing how CBDC will trample our human rights, and lead to authoritarianism globally.  One world currency is the goal of CBDC.  See these two advertisements: