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Bitcoin Scarcity, Central Bank Debt


In this chart we can see Bitcoin supply change (white line) compared to Central Bank Debt to GDP % (Orange line), compared to BTC Price (Blue line).  As time goes on and we get closer to the next halving in late 2023 or early 2024, the blue line will rise as the potential for the white line on this chart will be to trend lower.  Time and scarcity will significantly push the Bitcoin price higher.  Also consider that as our economy becomes more high tech prices depreciate and more jobs get eliminated by AI.  As that unfolds, Governments like the US will have to inflate the money supply (Orange line) on the chart above.  The more money supply grows and Bitcoin supply shrinks the more that price will rise as time moves on.

This chart demonstrates that very well.  The Orange X is $100,000 in mid 2021 which is predicted to be the top of the Bull Market.  The Stock to Flow model from yesterday’s blog predicts even over $200,000.  It does require some patience.  Getting off of zero Bitcoin is the first step.  When inflation does start hitting the economy in a large way, Bitcoin will be much, much more expensive.


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