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Bitcoin Says – Resistance Is Futile!

Bitcoin will overcome all FUD, environmental, financial, or any other type.  It will overcome and explode back, using the giant wall of money it has been building up the past 90 days since this re-accumulation, consolidation period started.  Below is a good chart showing those selling Bitcoin are realizing a profit not a loss as before. Here is the chart:
neutral-atm-bitcoin-Bitcoin Says – Resistance Is Futile!

Also, the sellers are short term Bitcoin holders and the buyers are long term Bitcoin holders.  Short term holders are traders who are’nt willing to stay in through this re-accumulation.  They just swing trade the lows to highs.  While the long term holders (Neutral ATM) ride it out and buy up every dip waiting for the market to turn.  Turn it will!  It has to.  After this 6 Trillion dollar budget proposal and now a retroactive capital gain tax increase (double), by President Biden.  This will force inflation to speed up.  The next chart below shows inflation is now  over 4% CPI.  Remember, CPI does not measure everyday commodities required to live.  Most importantly as we have broken down in earlier blogs.  The CPI uses a ratio to multiply the calculation against.  This ratio is actually inflation from 1982-1984.  Back then it ranged from 9% to 12%.  So this 4% CPI is actually more like 10% to 14% (real inflation) depending on the area.  We see that increasing much faster over the last 90 days.  We can see end of year real inflation for 2022 being well over 30%.  Here is the CPI inflation chart:

neutral-atm-bitcoin-Bitcoin Says – Resistance Is Futile!
For your reference, here is the old chapwood index chart.  It shut down in early February 2021.  We called Ed Butowsky in Dallas to find out why.  No response.  Here is his 2019 data.  After corona virus we can imagine gathering this data became quite difficult:

neutral-atm-bitcoin-Bitcoin Says – Resistance Is Futile!
Also, take into account that M1 and M2 money stock, which is money supply has gone parabolic.  Then, the Fed discontinued those charts 2 months ago.  Interesting the timing of this information cut off! 
So, as a hard money enthusiast, who understands money printing in all it’s forms creates wealth inequality, why enslave yourself to media misinformation about inflation that steals time and future wealth?  Break free from this bondage and buy/hold Bitcoin long term!  We will likely see a massive green hourly candle that will kick off the next leg up.  We don’t know when it will happen.  If you have been reading our blogs this month, it is increasingly likely you would see this wave coming right at us!  Bitcoin is building up, accumulating, getting stronger, harder, long term focused.  It’s HODLers are forcing this momentum.  Be ready.  Resistance against Bitcoin is futile, it has too much adoption.  46 Million Americans and climbing fast.  Have a great weekend.  

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