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Bitcoin’s Big Week, Or Will It Be Next Month, Or Does It Even Matter? Part 2.

Bitcoin is over $19,405 now 11:30 AM CST 12/15/2020.  Bitcoin is looking healthy and bullish.  We don’t know when it will break out of this three week accumulation. The longer the accumulation, the larger the break out.  This chart depicts it well:

This next chart is a more close up view showing the wedge or triangle and the break out beginning to show.  The question remains will this break out eclipse $20,000 or will we stay in this range from $18,000 to $19,500 for several more weeks?  Here is the chart:

If and when Bitcoin trends above $19,600 the eclipse of $20,000 is eminent, but if it rolls over and get rejected, we can expect future attempts in the weeks to follow.  We see the $18,000 support level holding. 
When Bitcoin accumulates for weeks on end, it becomes frustrating.  It is always important to remember patience will pay dividends to the investor.  Bitcoin hodling requires emotional containment, in the face of unknown variables.  Yesterday’s blog really shows the virtue of patience when investing in Bitcoin.  The S curve adoption cycle it is in, will take decades in total to play out.  The internet took close to 15 years to play out.  Neutral ATM sees light at the end of the tunnel.  Here is an optimistic predictive chart showing the breakout:
Neutral ATM believes that Bitcoin will win regardless of how long this breakout above $20K takes.  Our long term view is a peak of $180K to $220K in late 2021 or early 2022.  What will cause this 10X increase from Bitcoins current price?  Zero interest rates, negative rates in 2021, or 2022 at the latest, QE infinity and stimulus are all lined up in the future.  There is no reason to believe any of this will fail to come about in 2021, 2022.  We can expect inflation and at some point, a deflationary stock market crash.  We see Bitcoin, Gold, Silver as the main benefactors of these macro economic factors.  However, as last weeks blogs acknowledged, Bitcoin will trump Gold in a big way.  Silver is less known, but appears poised to do well.  We diversify from Bitcoin with Gold, Ethereum, Fine Art, and Real Estate.  Real Estate will remain an asset that will always benefit from the asset inflation phenomenon, brought about by money supply expansion.  Neutral ATM exists to help bring inclusion and education to crypto currency, and this digital currency opportunity layed out before all of us.  This is a once in a generation opportunity.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.


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