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Bitcoin Patience and Tenacity will win, in the end!

This first chart is UGLY!  It’s from Wolf of All Streets, Scott Melker.  He knows what he is talking about, but like me, he groans at this chart and hopes it is not true.  We will put the worst out there first.  This is what it would look like if Bitcoin ranges in the $40’s and $50’s until February:

Thus, patience and conviction will be paramount for the tenacity to wait this out.  Bulls are putting massive amounts of Bitcoin on the exchanges and dumping the price, keeping it cheap for HODLers.  Every dip is being bought up.  This buy/sell heat map shows where buying is happening at every dip:

Bitcoin is getting out to the bitter end of a confluence of the support of the 21 week EMA, and the resistance. Bitcoin will eventually break out of this: