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Bitcoin not connected to FTX, don’t trust these exchanges either. Keep Bitcoin offline!

Michael Saylor the Billionaire who put his company (Microstrategy) on a Bitcoin balance sheet.  He agrees that Sam Bankman Fried and FTX commited fraud.  He doesn’t say in detail, just that they defrauded honest investors with a wash traded air coin (FTT).  Here is his video answer, “these exchanges cannot continue to be unregulated, unregistered, offshore”, click here to view on twitter.


Then Fox News jumped in with this accurate piece about how Sam Bankman Fried was taking honest people who bought legitimate coins on FTX, like Bitcoin, and re-hypothecated that money into FTT.  As Michael Saylor said above, FTT is an air coin.  It is centralized directly to Sam Bankman Fried.  He controls it 100%.  FTX wash traded it (buying their own invented air coin, to pump up the price to the level they chose).  Then they donated that money to Ukraine who got it into the 504 and 503C non profits, who then payed off Democrats in the US.  Republicans too, in some cases.  Click here to view the viedo on Twitter.


This is the highest level of financial corruption in US history, $32 Billion!  It does give Crypto a bad name, we agree.  However, it was Fraud!  Innocent victims buying Bitcoin on FTX’s exchange did not know about all of this.  Bitcoin did not lie to them.  Sam Bankman Fried lied to them.  Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  Bitcoin is backed by miners mining it on it’s Bitcoin blockchain every ten minutes.  Millions of miners and node operators globally in 200 countries run Bitcoin.  No Government, no Central Bank.  Can we trust Governments and Central Banks?  Really?  We say absolutely not.  That is a Global issue.  To be sovereign means your money is trustless.  It is a free market, decentralized, medium of exchange.  That is what makes Bitcoin, Bitcoin.  It is trustless.  The 10 minute time frame, whereby Bitcoin blocks are created, and kept reconciled to that time frame, by the difficulty adjustment.  This is Bitcoin, the blockchain is Bitcoin.  It requires no trust.  

Here is why we cannot trust exchanges to hold our Bitcoin, nor Governments, nor Central Banks, with our money:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin not connected to FTX, don’t trust these exchanges either.  Keep Bitcoin offline!


Fiat currency requires the trust of your government to back the currency.  Is that happening now?  Is the US dollar being backed properly, transparently?

Now lets move on to how fiat currency is similar to the air coin FTT, which FTX created out of thin air.  FTT was created and printed.  Then FTX, bought FTT in huge quantities (wash trading) to jack up the price.  They used that money ($2 Billion) to market and bring in more clients to trade with FTX.  Then they used that money to do what is above in this blog.  It’s fraud.  It’s a ponzi scheme.  Fiat currency is created by each countries central bank.  They print as much as they need.  Reverse Repo facilities are how central banks buy their treasuries and bonds.  The reverse repo rate is supposed to be the floor interest rate.  Longer term bonds have to be higher rates than reverse repo rates.  When long term bonds start trading at cheaper rates than the reverse repo rate (Fed Funds Rate).  That is similar to a margin call on FTX.   
Today the Reverse Repo rate is 3.8% and the 10 year bond rate is 3.79%.  They have inverted:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin not connected to FTX, don’t trust these exchanges either.  Keep Bitcoin offline!


As these rate hikes continue, long term bonds keep dropping.  Then there will be no demand for the long bonds, and the Fed will have to keep buying treasuries at rising interest rates, (Fed Funds Rate).  This has the potential to bankrupt the treasury, which then has to be bailed out by the Federal Reserve.  This is a never ending doom loop which eventually leads to hyperinflation.  Fed printing more and more currency to pay the every rising fed funds rate for it’s ever rising debt.  The more it tries to control inflation, the more the fed funds rate increases.  This is why there is an increasing chance the Fed will pivot.  Either way, raising rates this fast and for this long, is similar to a margin call on FTX.  The fast withdrawals from FTX got that ball rolling.  Bank runs on US commercial banks will do that in our monetary system.  The economy and especially the monetary system are in far worse shape than we are being told!

This is why hard money is the answer.  Bitcoin is the hardest money in the world.  As this 2024 halving approaches,  we should see an impressive growth in Bitcoin prices, and this will put more pressure on the banks.  We know they are combating this with CBDC (central bank digital currency).  We also know that will fail in the end.  This is a difficult time in history, and we are in the early stages of this financial collapse.  Bitcoin is still the best life boat.  Take it while there is still time!  Blocks will keep getting added to the blockchain, regardless of how bad it gets here!  We are not financial advisors, and this is not financial advise.  Bitcoin is the best hedge.  Silver, Real Estate, Art, and Gold are also hedges too, but Bitcoin beats them all substantially.  Staying in a 60/40 stock bond portfolio is risky at best, in this environment.  Bitcoin is cheap, and under valued right now.  During chaos, and blood in the streets, a bear market.  That is the time to buy!

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