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Bitcoin IS the Escape Hatch!

Today we will go through what is wrong with the US Economy, what are the threats and why.  That would be a book, so this is just a summary.  We must start by stating Bitcoin is the alternative, it is the escape hatch!  From the perspective of a hard money, store of value asset.  

Yesterday, we showed the cargo ships on the water off of every US Port.  8 of which are now owned by China.  Offloading a cargo ship is backlogged to one month per ship at this time.  We expect major shortages this winter.  Look for natural gas and crude oil prices to skyrocket!  Importing fuel will be a snail’s crawl.  Our pipelines have shut down, including the Alaskan pipeline which would have made the US energy independent.  Once the contagion of this cargo ship fiasco hits the markets, energy prices, food prices and automobile prices will go up:
Lack of raw materials and labor from the pandemic will create a USD bull market on the DXY chart, below:

If the DXY keeps climbing this will affect bond yields.  China, who is having major financial problems right now is experiencing yields increasing already, see this chart below:

Higher yields will have a deflationary effect on the markets.  Then, for timing, look at the maturity dates on Chinese Real Estate Developers bond payments:

  • Fantasia: Oct. 4 default. Two directors resign 
  • Evergrande: Oct. 11 coupon not received 
  • Xinyuan: will pay just 5% of Oct. 15 note 
  • Sinic: Won't pay principal/interest due Oct. 18 
  • Modern Land: asks for 3-month extension

China Evergrande is the most infamous but several other Real Estate Developers are missing bond payments.  So bond yields in China and the Real Estate market are pressure points pointing us towards deflation.  Then the DXY (USD Index) is climbing.  We still believe Bitcoin is where scared money will run to if a deflationary stock market crash does happen in late October.  That is around the corner.  Be prepared!

Revolutionary Bankers harvest entire empires using currency debasement.  History is littered with once great nations destroyed by currency debasement.  HODLers of Bitcoin will have options when all of this is over.  It’s your escape hatch!  Now that El Salvador is having so much success, Venezuela is now accepting Bitcoin at their major airports:

Venezuela is on the list of countries vying to have Bitcoin be voted in as legal tender.  Time will tell if this happens.

If it does and Bitcoin the SEC approves a Bitcoin ETF, after a stock market crash.  Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Real Estate would be good safe havens after this crash.  As we always say, Bitcoin is the greatest of these safe havens.

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