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Bitcoin is still rising, inspite of it’s price!

Sam Bankman Fried foretold, back in June, that there were secret insolvencies among crypto exchanges:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is still rising, inspite of it’s price!

Now the cat is out of the bag!  FTX is insolvent and Binance decided NOT to buy them out!  Now Bitcoin is down well over 30% since Tuesday!  Yet, we are not worried, we are buying now.  We will buy again tomorrow or Friday.  The larger concerns now, are about the deepening global macro situation and the out of control corruption attempting to bring down Bitcoin, since it competes with the US dollar.  First of all, this will not work!  It never has and and it never will.  Here is State Representative Tom Emmer calling out the SEC for working with Sam Bankman Fried and FTX for tax loopholes:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is still rising, inspite of it’s price!


Here are Sam Bankman Fried’s ties to “Mind the Gap” and “Center for Voter Information”.  His mother Barbera was a huge Clinton donor and fund raiser going back decades.  Nobody was told this in Crypto.  Sam Bankman Fried launches FTX in 2018, right after his mother starts a Democratic Political Action Committee to raise funds, and overnight FTX becomes a billion dollar company.   There had to be money laundering through FTX somehow.  There will be massive lawsuits over this.  We know that for a fact!  From this screen below from twitter.  It is obvious that deep state Democrat operatives, and fund raisers used FTX to hurt Crypto and Bitcoin specifically:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is still rising, inspite of it’s price!


They rug pulled a lot of investors that used FTX or invested in FTX.  Hundreds of thousands of investors stand to lose money and a lot of it!  Never were these above connections mentioned until this week!  They likely planned this out to hurt Bitcoin as a global reserve asset competitor to the US dollar.  

From Mark Moss:

The Fed lost $4.1 billion last month, Approx 10% of the Fed’s entire capital base, in a single month. At this pace, The Fed will be completely insolvent by next spring, at which point they’ll require a bailout from the federal government.  

This happened because as rate hikes kept coming out all of 2022.  Fed Fund Rates climbed from 0.75% to 4.0%.  The Fed has to pay those much higher rates for all the Reverse repo facilities they used to keep the banks liquidated.  That meant that the interest expense climbed to a level that there was a $4.1 billion budget shortfall in October.  This will force the Fed to a) pivot and print more money or b) keep raising rates in a controlled demolition of the US Economy.  If it is a controlled demolition (as it has been all year), then it is quite certain CBDC is the next step forward for the global central banks.

This geo political environment is a war footing!  It is not a kinetic war, nonetheless, in the US, it is a financial war!  The Federal Reserve put up a wall around the headquarters building in Washington DC:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is still rising, inspite of it’s price!

The UK puppet, or Prime Minister just announced CBDC for the UK ,rolling out very soon.  Here is our take on CBDC:


Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is still rising, inspite of it’s price!


Meanwhile, Bitcoin is low priced, but investors are buying it up at these discounts, and Lebanon, as detailed in the video below, is moving to a Bitcoin only economy as the Lebanese Pound has no value whatsoever, click here to view on twitter.


We are not financial advisors and this is not financial advise.  We are at the bottom of a year long bear market.  This is neither fun nor exciting.  However, better days are ahead of us!  Look up!  Bitcoin is still decentralized.  Despite the attacks levied successfully through FTX, to defraud Bitcoin and Crypto investors.  Bitcoin is holding it's price level and we don’t see it getting much lower than the range it is in.  Maybe it gets down to $14K or $15K.  If so, buy more!  A lot more!  If you don’t sell you have not lost.  Keep buying at these levels.  We know a lot of injustices and crimes have come to light.  There will be justice!  Lawsuites, and more serious justice in some other areas will come out next year!  CBDC’s will fail!  When and how long that takes, we do not know.  Bitcoin will be a part of the rebuilding of our monetary system.  We have preached that for a while now.  

Stay patient and humble.  

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