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Bitcoin is making the SEC, DOJ nervous

DOJ is announcing an enforcement action for international cryptocurrency today.  It is expected it will involve Binance.  We will soon see what it involves.  Here is the announcement below:
 Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is making the SEC, DOJ nervous

Keep in mind, $34 billion per year in Bitcoin is spent on nefarious activity.  $2 trillion per year in USD is spent on nefarious activity.  Yet the southern border stays open while drug and human trafficking proliferate over that border.  Amazing stance the US DOJ is taking here in light of what else is going on.  Hopefully the US will join BRICS reserve currency before it is too late.  The US dollar will soon no longer be the global reserve currency!  We have said this a lot lately, and it is only a matter of time before it actually happens.  


Bizlato a China based crypto exchange, has had their founder arrested for money laundering.  We have never heard of Bizlato.  But if they are laundering criminal proceeds from the dark net.  Then they should go down, just like Sam Bankman Fried of FTX.  Crime does not pay.  


Meanwhile, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink just signed a deal with Voldomyr Zelensky President of Ukraine to structure their rebuild.  $100 Billion has been sent to Ukraine so far, with no accounting, or accountability of where the money actually went.  Money laundering is highly suspected in Ukraine.  However, until more proof can be made public, all we can do is question.  

So remember, $300 trillion in sovereign debt is coming due for many of these central banks with rising rates and rising inflation, globally.  Our blogs have detailed this debt crisis.  Bank of Japan is right on the cusp of blowing up this bubble.  More will come out about the money laundering going on in Ukraine.  Rest assured.  Bitcoin is the truly decentralized alternative.  Central banks may not like it.  It just creates new blocks every 10 minutes on the blockchain.  Tik Tok next block.  As long as there are miners and node operators in the world.  Bitcoin will keep adding blocks to the blockchain.  All it needs it power somewhere on the planet.  Even one town with power.  We are not financial advisors and this is not financial advise.  Central banks complaining makes no difference to Bitcoin.  It just is!


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