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Bitcoin is Healthy, it’s Ready to Turn!

The economy has a total public debt as percent of GDP climbing as CPI inflation does the same at record shattering rates.  Yet, the stock markets always shrugs it off and keeps climbing up.  This is unsustainable:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin is Healthy, it’s Ready to Turn!

Then consider the non seasonally adjusted inflation numbers for selected catagories in this chart below:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin is Healthy, it’s Ready to Turn!

Ric Edleman predicted 1/3 of all Americans will own Bitcoin this year.  He has more assets under management ($260 Billion) than any other institutional investor in the US, click here to view on Twitter.

So with runaway inflation continuing to persistently raise it’s head.  4 rate increases are expected by the Fed in 2022.  Will that be enough, will it move the needle for the US economy?  We have consistently said, the deflationary crash risks are so high with this move projected, plus tapering QE.  At some point, we see a reversal back to QE, to lessen the blow of 4 rate hikes in a year.  We will find out later on how this plays out.  In the end, we believe the Fed will have to back down and not raise rates as they have been threatening.  Not to mention, the fact that Bill Miller, another massive institutional investor legend, has 50%, half of his net worth in Bitcoin!  Smart money is flowing to Bitcoin, it is very obvious.  

Yet, Bitcoin gets shorted back down everytime it goes on a run.  2021 proved that very well especially in the fourth quarter!  We will see more volatility in 2022. This bullish chart from this week shows price is trending back up after a 42% crash since November.  It also shows predicted funding is down to record lows and open interest (leveraged longs and shorts) is way up, to record levels.  Will price action turn around.  It has been brought to $44,560 so far.  Then it was shorted back down some, as usual for early 2022:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin is Healthy, it’s Ready to Turn!

This next chart may shed more light on the potential for a short squeeze soon.  The open interest market cap is way up, to record levels, while price has been heavily suppressed for over two months now: