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Bitcoin is coiling up, again. Be patient, but this will turn!

Bitcoin is bumping against resistance at $25,000 and has broken through but not closed a daily candle above that level.  Over enough time, it will break through.  See the chart below:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is coiling up, again.  Be patient, but this will turn!


Bitcoin is the only true lifeboat for the kind of inflation that is coming to the US.  It has not even arrived yet!  It will come later on, after it has swept through Europe.  Below, see the spike in energy prices this year in Germany.  Europe does not have a SPR to fall back on like the US does.  Here, we have been using up this strategic petroleum reserve, and it is down to only 1/3 full from being 100% full last year.  When the SPR is drained, expect gas, and energy costs to skyrocket.  This will spark the kind of inflation Europe will start feeling this fall.  Here is Germany’s Energy cost spike:

Neutral ATM - Bitcoin ATM’s in Texas - Bitcoin is coiling up, again.  Be patient, but this will turn!


The ECB (European Central Bank) is also ahead of the US in regards to CBDC (central bank digital currency).  When the US, not if but when, rolls out CBDC to replace paper currency in the near future (2023 or 2024).  Combine that with no more strategic petroleum reserve.  This will create a literal Tsunami of inflation!  We expect it to surpass 30% real inflation, which would equate to about 12.5% to 14% CPI inflation.  This will take a good bit of time to transpire.  We expect 2023 to find the US in dire inflation circumstances if the drilling leases, permits, etc are not extended soon.  We do not expect to see this, thus, inflation next year will pick up.  Energy costs and transportation costs are the backbone of inflation.  As those costs are exacerbated, they pull up the cost of food, housing, and utilities.  Back to CBDC’s.  This video below explains the plan on CBDC to get the US off of paper currency.  This will strip freedom and human rights.  It is unconstitutional, and does nothing to solve inflation at all, click here to read on twitter.


Combine that with 87,000 new IRS agents being hired and trained to arrest anyone with a back due tax bill.  As taxes are being skyrocketed.  We need a decentralized monetary system that is not under the control of central banks and the governments they control.  That is Bitcoin!

How is Bitcoin so decentralized?  Every miner and node operator takes a part in putting blocks of Bitcoin on the blockchain every 10 minutes.  There are millions of miners and node operators all over the world in over 200 countries.  They create and control the blockchain.  There is no company or president over Bitcoin.  We all own it!  Now blockstream has this technology whereby Bitcoin can be transacted via satellite.  That means even if the internet is shut down, we can transact in Bitcoin!  Click here to see video on twitter.


So Blockstream offers videos called Decipher about blockstream satellite via the lightning network.  We need to learn about how to buy and send Bitcoin on the lightning network via satellite.  This could become extremely important in the future!  We will learn this together, we start with low levels of knowledge.  Remember, knowledge is power!  We must learn new things and adapt.  The world is changing fast!  Those willing to learn, and adapt will be able to buy, and trade Bitcoin to purchase things via satellite.  Even if the internet is down for a time period, Bitcoin will still be putting blocks on the blockchain every 10 minutes.  Altcoins cannot do this.  They have owners and boards of directors.  Remember that.  Bitcoin is different.  It is decentralized!  This is not financial advise and we are not financial advisors.  Bitcoin is different than all other altcoins, Bitcoin is the only true lifeboat out of this inflationary Tsunami coming for us!  Plan accordingly!

Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.  


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