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Bitcoin is About to Rocket Ship to Mars, & Most Don’t Even Know It Yet!

Bitcoin Dump?  What dump, it printed a descending triangle for three weeks, and now a huge W, which is a signal that it is taking off again:

There will be future periods when it takes time off and prints more descending triangles or bull flags, just like in 2017.  It is inevitable.  Here is where everything is leading in present tense:

The last two blogs have been about this W Bitcoin has been printing, at the end of a three week descending triangle.  It has’nt broken out totally yet, but we see it as very likely, and soon.  Neutral ATM sees this week as the best buying opportunity for Bitcoin in a while now.  This next run up should be legendary.  We are excited about it.  We are opening up our second location and soon the 3rd and 4th so everyone can get in on hodling Bitcoin, wherever you are in our area.  But most importantly, we want to be ambassadors for this scarce, digital asset.

Which has revolutionized investing, and turned third world countries into good investors.  Everyone has a chance now to get amazing returns, by investing in a hard money, store of value, that is part of the most secure network in the world.  The blockchain.  Proof of work and an ever dwindling mining reward, which gives Bitcoin in lessening amounts every 210,000 blocks to miners, that solve logarithmic equations.  They use asics computers and will eventually use quantum computers for this proof of work.  In essence, this system has worked for 12 years, and here is proof:

Bitcoin has averaged 214.9% return annually the last decade, and is set to do it over this next decade as well.  20.4% for the Nasdaq100 is the second best returning asset over the last 10 years.  Bitcoin is winning, and due to its sound money principles, it will continue.  Money printing, and “financing the financiers” is crushing the economy and the US dollar.  Bitcoin is the hedge that answers this.  When fiscal policy makes money easy and cheap through stimulus and quantitative easing, a hedge which is hard money will perform very well.  At this time, that is Bitcoin.  The results speak for themselves!

Neutral ATM sells and buys Bitcoin as little as $20 at a time!  You do NOT have to buy an entire Bitcoin.  Neutral ATM is here to get everyone off of zero Bitcoin.  


Give Neutral ATM a try.  We have low rates, convenient locations and we are expanding. Contact Neutral ATM, we will answer all your questions about Bitcoin and using our ATM machines. Find a Neutral ATM Bitcoin machine location near you.